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MPEKETONI, KENYA (September 11, 2008) – Following are reflections of members of the Evangelical Covenant Church delegation recently attending the 10th anniversary celebration of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya.

Alberto Zepeda: I was quite excited to be part of the 10-year celebration – also to see the growth in the church and its leadership from 2004 to 2008.  It is great to be a part of history and very exciting that we can almost see and taste the opportunities coming, the future growth.

Lisa Zepeda: It meant a lot to be a part of history, especially as the ECCK takes a turn to the future.  A blessing to be able to come and reconnect and see how God continues to move in their lives. Great to have our superintendent Jeff here and have him see the richness of what God has here.

Jeff Anderson: Three words immediately come to mind – encouraged, challenged and humbled. What they are able to do with what they have demonstrates how very resourceful they are. What stands out is to see all the children and youth – the potential for leadership is huge. To be here and meet these brothers and sisters in Christ is very encouraging.  You can’t really grasp all of it until you see a couple like Alberto and Lisa in their environment, relating to people.

Marc Murchison: I am thankful to see greater ethnic diversity now than in the early days of the church. I’m impressed with God’s grace for a group of young people – young in the Covenant, in the faith – and for the diversity in age.  They have outlasted some that I thought would be leaders in the church.  They have expressed a willingness to go across cultures instead of staying with one tribe, mainly the Kikuyu.  This gives me hope for the future of this church.

Curt Peterson: We were privileged to join in the celebration of God’s grace and faithfulness over the past 10 years in the ECCK.  We were inspired by the zeal and passion of this young, sister church – beginning through the vision of a local church initiative (Christ Covenant Church) reaching out to unreached people groups of Kenya through a network of family relationships.  The church has built a foundation of outreach that God will bless and work through to extend his kingdom. The song, dances and prayers of this joyous church community is an experience we can all learn from. We were impressed by the number of children and youth participating in the celebration. The future is very hopeful.

Pete Ekstrand: What a wonderful celebration. The ECCK did an outstanding job in planning and holding this anniversary celebration. I commend them for their efforts. I am very grateful that we were able to have each of these guests present. We celebrated the history, honored the founders and those who have served and looked to the future. We had the right people in the right place at the right time for numerous significant discussions with the ECCK leadership in addition to all the celebrations. The discussions with leadership (two evenings) were very helpful as together we listened and began to creatively look to the future and ways to address some significant issues. I am very encouraged for their future.

Cindy Ekstrand: I am encouraged by their joy and passion for sharing God’s love in their communities. Their perseverance through difficult times is a testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives. The worship was very rich with joyous songs and dancing.

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