Covenant Connections with McCain’s VP Nominee

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WASILLA, AK (August 29, 2008) – When David Dahms, former pastor of Mat-Su Covenant Church in Wasilla, first moved to Alaska, Sarah Palin’s father taught him to hunt and fish. Dahms is not surprised that the Republican vice-presidential nominee has developed a reputation as a maverick, saying, “If you knew her dad…”

Dahms says Palin, the Alaska governor Sen. John McCain tapped today to be his running mate, “has a very strong ethical base.”

“She does not shade things whether they are right or wrong,” says Dahms. “The book of Proverbs really guides her.”

Although Dahms is not a close friend of Palin’s, he has known her family for years. Palin’s mother, Sally Heath, attended the Mat-Su Covenant Church for 12 years while Dahms was pastor. After the core group of the church was formed, she was the second to join the congregation, he says.

Heath is now a regular attender at Lazy Mountain Bible Church in Palmer, Alaska, where Dahms is pastor. Palmer is roughly 10 miles from Wasilla.

Palin’s family moved to Wasilla from Idaho when she was three years old. She was elected to the city council and then as mayor of the community, which has a population of 9,000. She lost a bid to be lieutenant governor in 2002 but was elected governor in 2006. The 44 year old is the state’s first female governor as well as the youngest to ever hold the office.

Palin and her husband have attended several Christmas Eve services at the Mat-Su church, says pastor Thomas Luchsinger.

Although Luchsinger has met Palin only briefly, he says, “She’s just a part of the community.” He adds, “She is extremely well-liked in the evangelical community here.”

The Heaths live less than two blocks from Luchsinger. The community did not expect McCain to pick Palin but is thrilled, he says.

“It was a little bit of a surprise, but I think she was a very good pick,” says Jason Holmgren, former Covenant missionary to Colombia who attends the Mat-Su church. He played basketball with Palin’s husband, Todd, in a community league.

Dahms did express some regret that Palin had been chosen. “I was disappointed because I was going to ask her to preach on Veteran’s Day.”

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