Materials Available Online for Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday

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CHICAGO, IL (August 21, 2008) – Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday is October 5. Churches preparing to mark the date can access free resources now online.

Materials include suggestions for worship, such as liturgies, music, a dramatic presentation, and prayers. Informational materials about domestic violence as well as action steps for how churches and individuals can respond to the victims and abusers also are available.

Domestic violence is the single most common source of injury to women, and one in four women have been abused. Ten million children are exposed to domestic violence every year.

According to AVA, domestic violence can occur in any of five areas:

  • Physical—shoving, pushing, restraining, hitting, or kicking
  • Sexual—one partner forcing sexual acts that are unwanted or declined by the other partner
  • Psychological—isolation from family and friends, forced financial dependence, verbal and emotional abuse, threats, intimidation, and control over the partner’s choices
  • Spiritual—using spiritual practices to gain control over the partner, including using Scripture to justify abuse, restricting access to worship, and invalidating or mocking the partner’s spiritual beliefs
  • Financial—exerting financial power and control over the partner or using economic means to intimidate, threaten, isolate, humiliate, disempower, or otherwise control the partner
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