Kerman ‘Graffiti Busters’ Tackle Problem Head-On

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KERMAN, CA (May 28, 2008) – Barbara Nord, a member of Kerman Covenant Church (KCC), walked to her mailbox and was greeted with a maddening sight – her mailbox tagged with graffiti.

BeforeThat discovery led a community wide graffiti cleanup effort by volunteers from Kerman Covenant Church (KCC) as well as local officials. After gathering at the church parking lot, teams fanned across the community to remove graffiti from mailboxes, signs, and fences.

The accompanying photos show the before and after views of one section of fence.

The effort began with a letter Nord wrote to the local newspaper. She recounted her frustration at being largely unsuccessful in her attempts to remove the graffiti. She also reflected on how recent dramatic growth of the community has led to many positives, but also negatives.

New subdivisions have been developed, parks built, and schools have expanded to capacity. Along with the positives of growth, however, has come graffiti, trash tossed on sidewalks and streets, as well as vacated homes and lots.

“How come we get jazzed about programs like The Big Give, Extreme Home Makeover and others that give a hand to people and assist them in making a better life, while ignoring actions and conditions that spoil and devalue our own hometown?” she asked. “Maybe it’s because we can sit in our easy chairs in front of our big screen TVs and cheer others on. We feel better because someone is helped and is happy and we didn’t have to lift a finger!”

AfterNord was not content to complain, however, but wanted to effect a change. She turned to her pastor, Dan Shelton, who organized the event.

“It was refreshing that Barbara was not just lamenting about the problem, but wanted to be part of the solution,” Shelton says. Others were eager to join her.

“It was a joy to see volunteers from KCC and city officials working side by side to help beautify our wonderful community,” Shelton says.

Among the cleanup crew were the city manager, police chief, a city council member, and the director of parks and recreation.

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