CWR Aid Already Reaching Victims of Myanmar Disaster

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CHICAGO, IL (May 12, 2008) – A number of critical supplies provided by Covenant World Relief dollars are already on the ground in Myanmar assisting those injured and left homeless by Cyclone Nargis, which the United Nations estimates has claimed the lives of between 63,000 and 100,000 people and left another one million homeless.

A number of online gifts have been received in support of the special Myanmar Relief Fund established by CWR shortly after the devastating storm wreaked havoc more than a week ago. Other funds were immediately made available through a pre-established relationship with World Relief International, allowing that organization to quickly dispatch relief through its partners.

To contribute to the special fund, visit Myanmar Relief Fund and donate using a credit card. All gifts will be acknowledged by the Evangelical Covenant Church for charitable donation reporting purposes. Checks made payable to the Evangelical Covenant Church and earmarked for Myanmar relief may be mailed to Covenant offices at 5101 N. Francisco Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60625.

Covenant World Relief maintains numerous partnerships with organizations around the world that are already in place and in a position to respond immediately to disasters, notes Jim Sundholm, CWR director. In the Myanmar situation, there are three partnerships that allowed relief workers to use CWR funds to purchase food, water and medicine in Thailand and move the supplies quickly across the Myanmar border to those in need.

CWR also is considering effective ways to respond to the massive earthquake in central China that has claimed as many as 8,500 lives. “The number of devastating events around the world underscores the importance of having partnerships already in place and capable of immediately responding,” Sundholm notes. “These partners already have people and systems in place – they just need the financial support to obtain the aid that is needed and get it distributed,” he adds.

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