Series of ‘Miracles’ Enables New Church Construction

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EL DORADO HILL, CA (April 16, 2008) – Members of Lake Hills Covenant Church could not have foreseen the circumstances that enabled them to purchase property and fund their new facility.

The congregation, which was started in 1994, recently moved into their first building, a multi-purpose facility that eventually will be one of several facilities.

When the church began looking for property in 1997, they could not afford their first choice, and they were doubtful of their second. That 20-acre parcel of property was undeveloped, with nearly all the town located on the opposite side of Highway 50.

When the church first considered purchasing the property, the only businesses on that side of the highway were a couple of gas stations and a small store or two. “It’s the downtown of El Dorado Hills now,” says pastor Ron Short.

The seller wanted more than $1 million, but the church offered a “ridiculously low” $500,000 for the land, Short recalls. Despite the absurdity of the offer, the landowner took it to his investors and came back with surprising news: he would sell the land to Lake Hills for only $400,000.

The church received a further financial boost when one of the members tithed a stock offering on his business. “The stock just took off,” says Short, adding that the gift paid for the land.

The church subdivided the land and sold eight acres to a developer for more than $2 million. The money was used to pay for the extensive infrastructure that would enable the developer to build on his land and the church to begin construction of its new facilities.

In addition to the multi-purpose room, the 17,000-square-foot building includes a commercial kitchen, stage, offices, and rooms in which to care for nursery children through toddlers. A dedication ceremony will be held April 27.

The congregation intends to construct two additional buildings before beginning work on a 1,500-seat sanctuary. The timing for construction will depend on growth, Short says.
Attendance averages 500.

Construction is being funded in part by a loan from National Covenant Properties.

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