Mission Trip Nets $1,400 (1,680 Eggs Later)

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (April 10, 2008) – Who knew quiche was so popular?

Not the people who baked quiche as part of a Bethlehem Covenant Church fundraiser to help pay for the senior high group’s summer mission trip to Queens, New York. The plan was to bake the quiche, which customers later would pick up or students would deliver.

The church has conducted this event in the past and had based the planning for this year’s event on the typical volume of orders. “The most they had ever done was 150 max,” says new youth pastor Kyle Cross.

Then the students started turning in the orders they had received from family, friends and neighbors.
And the 150 average? That quickly stretched to 170 … 200 … 250 … and finally 280 orders. “We weren’t prepared for the number we got,” Cross says. “We were overwhelmed.”

Speaking of numbers, consider the time impact on Laura Diamond, who was leading the fundraiser, and Cross – they spent 14 hours baking quiche.

They started baking at 1 p.m. on Saturday and continued until 1 a.m. Sunday. The pair took a break, but Diamond returned at 4 a.m. to continue the baking, and Cross joined her later. Cross says the baking took so long because the ovens could hold only 20 quiches at a time.

Others adults did kitchen prep: the “crack team” of Anne Malachway, Chelsa Jensen, Ruth Koontz, Rhonda Isaacs, Lynettee Clausen and Jeanne Woolley cubed 75 pounds of ham and turkey and chopped numerous large bowls of vegetables. As for the main ingredient, the cooks cracked 1,680 eggs.

The students were responsible for organizing the quiche orders and making sure the items were delivered to the right people.

All of the work led to a profit of $1,400 to help support the cost of the mission trip. When in Queens, the students will work with the homeless and in senior centers, also assisting with construction work, Cross says.

And what about the next quiche fundraiser? Cross says the “when” part remains uncertain, but the “how” part is clear: “We will handle the logistics differently.”

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