Youth Group Explores Ways to Make a Difference

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MISSOURI CITY, TX (March 25, 2008) – Teens in the fledgling Mosaic Community Covenant Church are determined that their group be built on a foundation of caring for others, says Melissa Lee, the church’s youth director.

Through participating in various activities that have included a bake sale for International Justice Mission (IJM), the Women Ministries “Break the Chains” initiative that is committed to stopping human trafficking, or participating in World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine, they plan to expand their work. In just the last eight weeks, the youth have raised $1,450.

Kids“It’s shaken their mentality of how they view the world,” says Lee. “After being exposed to what’s going on around the world, some of them have changed the way they spend their money, use water, or even their eating habits. As a group, it’s been great to see accountability strengthen in a fun and comfortable way. These teens have grown to be hungry for God and are actively seeking him out!”

The youth group, called “Kaleidoscope,” reflects the values and diverse makeup of the church, says Lee. A quick look at a picture of church members shows that the name is fitting.

The church is located in a Houston suburb and is just one year old. Though still relatively small, the members are convinced that they can accomplish much in sharing the gospel around the world.

Making a difference is not as difficult as some might imagine, 15-year-old Chris wrote following the famine. “All you have to do is try.”

Ashley, 17, became aware of one habit she is now working to change – eating just because food is in the refrigerator. “It’s literally a habit of mine to open the fridge and grab something. I don’t even realize it. Yes, it’s tough – a mere 30 hours without food, but it makes me think and concentrate on other things, like how millions of people feel this way all the time. It’s sad, and sometimes people just push the situations away because they believe that it doesn’t involve them.”

The Kaleidoscope group currently is focusing on a series about missionaries as well as spending time in prayer for the persecuted church. They also are planning a trip to Jamaica to help a local congregation.

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