Sanguma, Elenga Re-elected to Lead Congo Church

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BUMBA, CONGO (January 27, 2008) – Delegates to the Biennial General Assembly of the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) re-elected President Mossai Sanguma and Vice President Liwawa Elenga to their second four-year terms on Saturday.

Unlike past years, the nominating committee offered only one name per position. Earlier in the assembly, delegates decided not to have two vice presidents. They also agreed to vote by voice rather than secret ballot.

Wood and SangumaWhen the nominations were announced, the delegates sang together “Tata Nzambe Monisaka Nzela” (Guide me O thou great Jehovah). “When the vote was called for, people raised both hands and cheered, and non-delegates outside danced and chanted,” said Keith Gustafson, Congo country coordinator for the Evangelical Covenant Church for the Department of World Mission.

At least 95 percent of the people voted in favor of re-electing the two candidates, Gustafson said. As many as 266 delegates represent 36 CEUM regions, and more than 150 invited guests attended the assembly.

David Wood, a former Covenant missionary to Congo, returned to the nation for the first time since retiring in 1994. He served as the chaplain for the conference, speaking each morning throughout the week on the theme taken from John 8:32: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

In the top photo, Wood congratulates Sanguma on his election, while in the background former CEUM President Gbuda Luyada congratulates Elenga. The lower photo shows Sanguma (right) and Elenga immediately following the election.

Elenga and SangumaThe Assembly is the highest decision making body of the CEUM. The president and heads of each department give reports. All delegates and invited guests are assigned to one commission. The previous two years are discussed, and general planning is done for the coming two years. All delegates are invited to ask questions in writing of each department during the commission meetings.

The separate ministry areas are evangelism and mission, ministerium and life of the church, Christian education, Christian literature and communication, medical, community development, women united, lay men, and primary, secondary and professional education.

Every fourth year is an election year. This will be the last term for Sanguma, who is limited to two terms.

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