Registration Opens for The Feast in June 2008

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CHICAGO, IL (December 11, 2007) – An impressive array of speakers is in place for The Feast next June at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

The Feast, which begins June 21, will conclude June 24, immediately preceding the start of the 123rd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church that takes place in the same facility.

The events are intentionally linked so that families can plan vacation time to participate in both events – to enjoy the family atmosphere of The Feast and participate in the annual meeting. Some arrange to serve as delegates on behalf of their respective churches.

“As we seek to understand the kingdom of God more clearly and what it means for our lives, the Feast speaker team will take a close look at the Parables on the kingdom of God,” says Lisa Orris, coordinator of The Feast. The speakers will address six aspects of the statement, “The kingdom of God is . . . a multiethnic community of forgiven people, growing in devotion to the king, serving wholeheartedly to extend the King’s grace and compassion, mercy and justice to all.”

The speakers are:
•    Pastor Ed Lee, Mosaic Community Covenant Church in Texas
•    Neil and Sharol Josephson, Marriage Ministry – Bayside Covenant Church in California
•    Pastor John Martz, Arvada Covenant Church in Colorado
•    Lisa Orris, Department of Church Growth and Evangelism in Chicago
•    Pastor Darrell Griffin, Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago
•    Pastor Daniel Anabalon, Encino Covenant Church in California

Registration is now open, with the expectation that the event will be full, so early registration is encouraged. To register by mail or fax, please fill out a Feast registration form and return it by mail to the Evangelical Covenant Church, Attn: Feast Registrar, 5101 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL, 60625, or by fax to 773-784-4366. Online registration will be available December 15 by visiting the Covenant website and selecting The Feast link under the Events Calendar.

Registration fees include all Feast meals and programming. Housing is not included in the registration fee. Please note that a “family” is defined as a parent or parents and any unmarried children whose primary residence is still with their parents.

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