KICY Completes Construction of Two Towers

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NOME, AK (July 24, 2007) – The two KICY broadcast towers, which were taken down last summer because they were in danger of falling, have returned to their full upright positions.

The center tower of the three-tower array was completed two weeks ago, with the east tower erected a day later. Electricians from Eagle River have nearly finished providing the needed power for the antenna tuning unit, switching, and tower lights at each of the three towers.

TowerTowers for Jesus, a ministry that helps Christian broadcasters, erected the towers. Other volunteer groups also have helped. “The project is moving forward and is on schedule,” says Dennis Weidler. To see additional photos, visit Tower Construction.

The phasor, which will power the directional signal toward Russia, is being installed, along with wiring for the towers.

Weidler says he hopes construction and testing of the signal will enable the station to operate at full capacity by mid-August.

KICY-AM is the only commercial radio station in America licensed to broadcast into a foreign country in that country’s language. The license was granted by both the Federal Communication Commission and under terms of the Geneva Convention. The directional signal allows beaming the 50,000-watt signal into the heart of the Russian Far East, broadcasting Christian music and teaching in the Russian language.

To learn more about this radio ministry, please see KICY. To view additional photos, visit KICY Photo Album.

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