Covenant Resource Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service

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CHICAGO, IL (July 2, 2007) – Steve Larson, pastor of Redeemer Covenant Church, needed pictures of Evangelical Covenant Church martyrs for a sermon series he was preaching. He didn’t know where to get them, so he called the Covenant Resource Center.

Staff members looked for copies of appropriate photos, but didn’t have any immediately available. So in the middle of winter, a staff member walked the half-mile to the Covenant World Mission office to scan pictures it had available.

“I was amazed!” Larson says. “It’s good to know we have them to serve us.”

The Resource Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, operating under the banner, Serving as your BRIDGE to more effective ministry. “We really want to help churches serve their people and reach out to others,” says Millie Lungren, who has been the director since the Resource Center began in 1987.

The ministry’s roots actually stretch to 1974 when the Christian Education Resource Center was developed. Trying to obtain materials from different departments often was a cumbersome process, however.

In 1987, the center became a cooperative ministry of different departments and commissions, which over time have included: Christian Formation, Church Growth and Evangelism, World Mission, Communications, Women Ministries, the Stewardship Commission, and Covenant World Relief. The center distributed material on their behalf, but also answered questions from individuals and churches and assisted in obtaining ministry-related information.

And they have fielded a broad range of questions:
•    At one time, I saw a diagram of a tree with different denominations listed on it. Do you know what it is and how I can obtain it?
•    What are some ways we can include children in worship?
•    Do you have games, recipes, and snack ideas from other countries?
•    What are the names of past Covenant presidents?
•    What are some possible follow-up studies for Alpha?
•    I’ll be visiting the North Park area in the near future. Is there a Starbucks in the area?

Walking into its office, the visitor sees shelves lined with a plethora of books, department publications, displays, curriculum options, sample job descriptions and even church mission statements. Churches also have turned to the Resource Center to request research data and information on ministry trends and “best practices” recommended by different departments and churches.

“The Resource Center is the best expression of our desire to serve the local church,” says Doreen Olson, executive minister of Christian Formation.

“It is hard to believe the Resource Center has been here serving us for 20 years,” says President Glenn Palmberg. “They have done a wonderful job of creating and building a resource service that genuinely responds to the needs of those who use it.”

Taking advantage of newer technology, free resources and other materials formerly acquired by calling the Resource Center can now be ordered online at Covenant Bookstore. Resource Center staff members also provide consultation to local churches on appropriate resources for Sunday school curriculum, children/youth and adult ministries, and a variety of other ministry initiatives.

To contact the Resource Center, call 1-800-338-IDEA (4332) or email them at Covenant Resource Center. Information also is available from the Resource Center area of the Covenant website.

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