Palmberg Pokes Fun at His ‘Tech’ Skills

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PORTLAND, OR (June 22, 2007) – In a light-hearted introduction to his annual report, President Glenn Palmberg lived up to his acknowledged and well-deserved reputation as a “technological Luddite.”

PalmbergThe president had the audience laughing as he introduced his annual president’s report while fiddling with his laptop computer, located to his right near the podium.

The president said he has come a long way since two years ago, when he needed someone to push the button on the laptop to run his PowerPoint presentation. Then, as one slide appeared that had numbers that gradually appeared on a chart, Palmberg said with amazement, “How’d I do that? Look at that!”

When he told the gathering that the denomination’s website has 1.5 million individual files accessed each month, he commented to a chuckling audience, “I don’t know what an individual file is, but that’s an awful lot of them!”

As he introduced another chart that was slow in loading, he quipped, “It’s not very interesting yet.”

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