Video Interview of Congo Ordeal Now Online

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PORTLAND, OR (June 22, 2007) – In March, retired medical missionary Roger Thorpe and Covenant World Mission Executive Minister Curt Peterson unexpectedly found themselves caught in the crossfire of a military uprising in Kinshasa, Congo, and at one point faced death itself.

Congo interviewTheir ordeal was the subject of numerous online news stories at the time, as well as a lead feature article in the current July issue of The Covenant Companion, which is available for free reading by visiting the Companion page on the Covenant website.

Following their return, a Covenant Communications team engaged Roger and Curt in a lengthy interview, which was videotaped, to capture the recollections while they remained fresh. Excerpts of that interview are now available for online viewing.

“It was a powerfully moving experience,” recalls Don Meyer, executive minister of Covenant Communications. “It was just another fairly ordinary day, that day in March, when Roger and Curt went out to purchase medical supplies for the Karawa hospital – something they had done before. With little warning, they found themselves caught up in the midst of a military conflict that ultimately claimed many lives and threatened their own.

“Their story is not so much about them as it is the providence of God in shepherding them during times when their own lives hung in the balance. It is a reminder to each of us of God’s mercy and grace in times of severe testing.”

To view edited excerpts of this interview on the Covenant website, please visit “Caught in the Crossfire.”

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