Professor’s Life Provides Lesson in Dying

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PASADENA, CA (June 12, 2007) – Former North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) Professor David Scholer is the subject of a lengthy article in the Los Angeles Times that highlights how he has continued to teach and inspire despite his worsening cancer.

Scholer, recognized world-wide as a premier New Testament scholar, was diagnosed five years ago with colorectal cancer, which has now spread to both lungs and left him weakened. He continues to teach at Fuller Theological Seminary as well as Sunday school classes.

The June 5th article, “Rejoice Always: a Lesson in Dying,” states that, “At the beginning of each course, Scholer announces that he has incurable cancer, but he is so animated when he speaks, it’s hard to remember that. The only give-away is that he lectures sitting down — and, when he walks, takes careful steps and uses a cane.” His class, “The Bible, Women and Ministry,” is the most popular elective at Fuller.

Scholer helped author the Evangelical Covenant Church paper, “A Biblical and Theological Basis for Women in Ministry.”

That Scholer has been a popular teacher doesn’t surprise NPTS Professor Klyne Snodgrass. “Students always considered him a master teacher,” he recalls. “David is a person who is gentle and gives people the opportunity to express themselves – and he let’s them know how important they are to him.”

While at NPTS from 1988 to 1994, Scholer routinely invited students and their spouses to his home. In addition to teaching in the seminary, he also has regularly taught Sunday school classes at churches he has attended. His love for students and teaching is evidenced by his continuing desire to share his knowledge, Snodgrass says. “As long as David is alive, he will teach.”

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