How to Build a Church ‘For a Song’

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EAST WENATCHEE, WA (May 24, 2007) – A three-year-old church plant believes the power of music will bolster the effort to raise funds for a new facility.

“Sing a song . . . purchase a music CD . . . and help us build a church,” says Andrew Thompson, pastor of Columbia Grove Covenant Church. Thompson is quite familiar with the whole Aliverealm of music and worship, having created the initial concept for the online “Worship Greenhouse,” a musical laboratory of sorts that is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church website.

As part of the effort to raise funds for a new church-based community center, the people of Columbia Grove have recorded CDs of original worship music on their own music label, with 100 percent of the profits going into the building fund. The original compositions, written by Thompson, have been featured at the Covenant Midwinter Pastors Conference, the Worship Leader Connection event, and is being used by a number of Covenant churches as well as those from other denominations.

“When another church uses one of our songs and records that usage with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International), the song royalties for that song goes into our building fund and puts us closer to our dream of building a community center for outreach and service,” Thompson notes. “It doesn’t cost the church anything other than a few seconds of someone’s time to record their usage, but the amount can add up.”

For every CD purchased, approximately $10 into the building fund. “We’re hoping that this is a simple way to allow others to get involved in the exciting new work that God is doing here,” Thompson adds.

To order a CD, visit the online Covenant Bookstore.

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