Celebration Turns to Tragedy in Congo

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KINSHASA, CONGO (May 23, 2007) – For as long as anyone can remember, the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), has held regional “Big Sunday” celebrations. These festive events are held several times a year, drawing thousands of Congolese Covenanters for worship. This past weekend, a Big Sunday ended in tragedy, when members of the CEUM youth choir drowned while on their way back home.

“Today we grieve with tears and heartfelt prayers over news of the tragic loss of 18 lives in the drowning accident near Wasolo, Congo,” says Curt Peterson, executive minister of Covenant World Mission. “Our sympathy and love is extended to all the families and villages that suffer the pain and heartache of the death of their precious children and family members.

A “Big Sunday” celebration “is filled with joy and praise to God,” says Peterson, “and this choir was undoubtedly an inspiration to all who gathered on Sunday—their voices in harmony, their dance in rhythm to the glory of God. Precious in his sight, Jesus loves the children of the world—may God’s peace, comfort and grace surround this community of faith in Congo.”

A benevolent fund will be set up by World Mission to assist the families of choir members, who along with their grieving face the hardship of paying for funeral expenses. For more information, contact Byron Amundsen at Covenant World Mission, 5101 N. Francisco, Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625; 773-907-3317, byron.amundsen@covchurch.org.

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