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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (February 27, 2007) – The scheduled closing of Covenant Bible College (CBC) at the end of May drew by far the largest number of reader responses to a single news story.

School officials announced last week that the remaining two CBC campuses in Canada and Ecuador would close. The Windsor, Colorado, campus had already been closed. To read a more recent story on plans to assist faculty and staff through the transition, please see the “CBC Transition” news story.

Following are comments relating to the original CBC article, as well as other recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, search for the headline.

Covenant Bible College to Close

David McCowan of Clay Center, KS, writes: I am grateful for the years and fruitfulness of the ministry of CBC, but I am also saddened by its closing. We had been looking forward to having our daughter attend there when she graduated high school in a couple of years.

Tom Luchsinger of Wasilla, AK, writes: This is not right. Closing CBC is not a good decision.

Jim Hoogewind of Royal Oak, MI, writes: As an alumnus of CBC (’97), I was heartbroken when I heard the news. What an amazing, life-changing year I had at CBC-Canada. My hope is that CBC will live on through the stories and relationships that were founded there.

Joan Wallgren of Winnetka, IL, writes: I’m very disappointed that the needs of Covenant Bible College weren’t made known to the larger Covenant family. This is such a unique and valuable ministry. We should have had the opportunity to demonstrate, through an outpouring of financial gifts, that this ministry was important enough to continue.

Marian Johnson of Minneapolis, MN, writes: I’m really sorry to see this happen. I’ve met so many young people who have been so motivated to do God’s will after having attended CBC. They had received wonderful mentoring and training. Thanks to the staff! God bless you as you, too, move on.

Daniel Sesay of Golden, CO, writes: May God continue to guide all the leaders of our denomination and CBC, especially as you guys have made some very difficult decisions. May the peace of God rest on you.

Jeff Berg of Loveland, CO, writes: What sad news. CBC has been a formative year in the lives of many students and was going to be for more. Every year when I attend the Youth Workers Connection I am impressed by how many of the pastors there attended CBC and introduce me to their friends who they met while students. CBC seems like one of the top two or three ways that community is/was created in the Covenant pastorate. Its closure is leaving a hole. I pray that something new will arise.

Mary Christenson
of Richfield, MN, writes: I’m so sorry that this school is closing. I was going to go at one time, but I had my parents to care for at the time. It was good for me to read the history of the school . . . as I am still new to the Covenant. Thanks.

Chad Anderson of Seattle, WA, writes: The news of CBC closing saddens me immensely. My great-grandfather Daniel Ericson was one of the men with the vision. That vision of equipping men and women will continue in other ways as we seek to grow and be challenged. I am deeply thankful to God for what has come about in the lives of the men and women who have gone through CBC, and look forward to the changing paradigm in equipping and educating in community.

Lyn Arroyo of Colorado Springs, CO, writes: My son attended CHIC in July 2006 where the Lord clearly spoke to him. His father is from Ecuador and Christopher heard the Lord call him to go and prepare for ministry at CBC-Ecuador. He has been so excited about this opportunity to return to the country of his birth, to be with family and attend CBC-Ecuador, followed by North Park University and hopefully North Park Theological Seminary for pastoral ministry. Cesar, his father, is the pastor of a Spanish congregation in Colorado Springs. We are disappointed about the decision to close CBC. However, the Lord will open other doors for Christopher and others to grow in their knowledge of the Lord. We pray the Lord will continue to guide you during this time of transition.

Mark Larson of St. Louis Park, MN, writes: I (Class of ’93) am extremely saddened and frustrated by the news of the CBC closing. I wish that we as alumni especially would have known earlier the dire straights that the college was in. It is just a shock.

Craig Wickstrom of Conneaut, OH, writes: When my daughter wrote us that CBC would be closing, my heart fell to the floor. This is such sad news, partly because my family now has vivid memories of CBC-Ecuador, but mostly because I really believe in the ministry that CBC has had. Do we, as the Covenant, truly believe in discipleship? Or are we satisfied with short-term experiences? Do we have any other comparable programs in place to serve the discipleship needs of our young men and women? What opportunities are we going to make available to young Covenanters who love God and want to put him first in their lives, but who also want or maybe need intensive discipling? Is there not a place in the Covenant for mature disciples (young or old) who are not pastors or other professional ministers? Do we not need well-trained lay workers in our churches? I know the answer to my questions – the interest among Covenanters seems to be dying. So, I will pray – and I hope that others throughout the Covenant will pray with me. I will pray that CBC finances can be cleared up before the end of the year, and I will pray that God will give us, the Covenant, a new vision for discipleship. If that does not include CBC – if there is another way to meet the discipleship needs that we have – I will accept that as God’s will. But if we do not have an alternative to CBC, then I will be praying that a way will be found to keep at least one campus open in the future. Discipleship is so critical to our coming to know God that we cannot afford to treat it lightly. May God show us His vision for discipling Covenanters of all ages!

International Students Get a Unique Taste of American Culture

Nancy Reed of La Coruña, Spain, writes: Wonderful! May the Lord bless them and multiply their kind!

Writing and Prayer: What Do They Have in Common?

Roger Turner of Bedford, NH, writes: Excellent story, but I must confess: I am an avocational writer, so I may have a predisposed bias. I have found writing to be the most effective way for me to pray. I have two children – three if you count my one-year-old yellow lab named Bruschi. Distractions abound. Writing keeps me on task in prayer.

Surprise Inspection of Facility Yields Perfect Score

Lloyd Ahlem of Turlock, CA, writes: This is especially good news since this is a new operation for both parties. Such a rating is statistically unlikely, and to receive it is outstanding. Kudos to our Covenant Retirement Communities and Covenant Ministries of Benevolence leadership!

Alvern (Sandberg) Friedman of Boca Raton, FL, writes: I want to express my deep appreciation for your article on the Methodist Home. I am a graduate of Swedish Covenant Hospital. I have been living in Florida for the past 35 years. During some of that time I have spent some years as director of nursing in nursing homes as well as home health agencies. Needless to say, it is near impossible to have a perfect record on surveys. Hats off and congratulations to the administration and the staff for this. I’m sure the residents and their families are thrilled. God bless their endeavor.

Relief Funds Help Kids Escape Hardship of Slums

Bonnie Anderson of Minneapolis, MN, writes: Perhaps it is not possible to designate donations to this specific church, but if there is a way, I would like to. Of course there are huge opportunities of need everywhere, but this touched by heart since my daughter is adopted from India – this 11-year-old girl could easily have been my daughter.

Mahmoud Zayat of London, England, writes: This is really bad – I feel sorry for them.

Rutledge: It’s All About the Power of God

Steven Barrett of Hadley, MA, writes: Rev. Rutledge has a remarkable ability to combine both her pastoral experience, in some of the nation’s least affluent areas, with her grasp of explaining the gospel. Great message and story!

Doug Wootten, a Covenant military chaplain, writes: Great article! You really were able to capture some great truths from a lengthy message.

Stunned Worshipers Remember the Sluss Family

Eyrline Morgan of Oklahoma City, OK, writes: Our heart and prayers go out to the boy who lost his family. I remember a girl who lost her family who was visiting relatives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in 1947 when that twister occurred.

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Ellie Claus Finishes 45th in First Iditarod Run

Raechel Stiles of Nome, AK, writes: Ellie is one of my favorite mushers. She is very brave to me for being the youngest mushers. I hope she runs again.

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