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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (February 20, 2007) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Stunned Worshipers Remember the Sluss Family

Les and Martha Poppe of DeLand, FL, write: Beautiful. We were close in church. Thank you.

Paul Erickson Speaks of ‘Spiritual Perseverance’

Karen Walker of Turlock, CA, writes: We were so thrilled to see the article on Pastor Paul. Our prayers are being answered and we are so grateful. Joan’s strength and love are an inspiration to those of us who also face challenges with ill spouses. Thank you, Joan, for your example as a godly wife and life partner! Give Pastor Paul our love.

Jan and Bob Thornbloom of Chicago, IL, write: Wonderful to have a follow-up on Paul’s progress. We have prayed for him since the accident.

Daniel Seagren of Muskegon, MI, writes: We appreciate so much the Newswire, so keep up the good work. Being retired, it doesn’t take long to get out of the loop, so the Newswire is a great help. Thanks for the report on Paul Erickson. We have hoped and prayed, and now rejoice.

Pastor: ‘Living the Gospel Will Be Messy’

Beth Fredrickson of Wauwatosa, WI, writes: I am curious about the origins of the thought that some have “suffered from being enfolded by European and American culture.” Is that the reporter’s phrasing, or one of the speakers? And, what does it mean?

Covenant Couple Killed When Storm Destroys Home

Nancy Spaman of Springfield, MA, writes: My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is affected by this horrible storm. I will be praying for everyone that lost things during these very hard times.

Lori Colbo of Vaughn, WA, writes: This is a bittersweet tragedy. Michael and Melinda were servants of the Most High God and will be greatly missed, especially by their son. The sweet thing is they are with Jesus for eternity. Young Michael will be in our prayers as he mourns the loss of his parents. May God hold him tight during the coming months.

John Wood of Alhambra, CA, writes: How can we help?

Poor Weather, Cancelled Flight – It’s a ‘God Thing’

Linda Forbes of Chicago, IL, writes: This surely is good news. I wish we could hear this kind of positive reporting on the radio! Just love how God works. Just goes to show that sometimes we really should talk to strangers.

Memorial Service February 17 for Warren Thompson

Jerry Reed of La Coruña, Spain, writes: With mixed emotions I read of the passing away and home going of Warren “Tomps” Thompson. I grieve at his loss and rejoice in his joy at being on the eternity side of life in Christ. Tomps was my hero and one of the best models I have known for discipling others.

Maintenance to Ministry – One Long, Hard, Rewarding Road

Jan and Bob Thornbloom of Chicago, IL, write: Steve and Kitty were an inspiration to have as nearby neighbors while they were in seminary. Steve had a passion for everything – including any news we had on Congo. One could never be discouraged when he was around. We miss them spreading their joy in the North Park neighborhood.

Linda Forbes of Chicago, IL, writes: Love this story! Can’t stop smiling. I know Steve from seminary – his nickname was “alleluia Steve.” I always found it inspiring to watch him worship. Even while struggling with coursework he always seemed to be joyful. He did work hard and his persistence is an inspiration. Way to go Steve!

Ministry Recognized for Outreach to Troubled Neighborhood

Luann Budd of San Jose, CA, writes: I love reading stories about Christians like the Strattons who live out their faith in tangible ways that demonstrate God’s concern and care for people.

Super Bowl Pick? This Pastor Will Cheer for His Son

Hollis Bensen of Greensboro, NC, writes: Great article! Really enjoyed it because I am a big Chicago Bears fan, but I think Tony Dungy and his team are super as well. Nice to see that Christians are involved in the NFL like Dungy and Christensen.

Ministry’s Call Never Ends – Even After 50 Years

Andrew Stonina of Columbia Heights, MN, writes: Having grown up at Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton, this group of pastors has been an inspiration and my fellow travelers on the road with me in my call to ministry. The have all had an impact on me spiritually, and I thank God for them.

Darrel Hoglund of Lake Forest, CA, writes: It was wonderful to see so many men that have ministered to me and our family. Growing up in Salem has been an influence for all of my life. We thank God for these wonderful men, and their wives.

A Box of VaporRub for a New Water Well?

Terry Peterson of Grand Rapids, MI, writes: The headline got my attention on this one! I had to investigate and find out what was happening! What a great idea. And why are we surprised when our God will not let us off the hook when he plants a seed. And some would call it a “coincidence” that he met that young man at a friend’s house. I would call that a “God Sighting!” My best wishes and prayers go out to Doug and the well project. I hope you will keep us up to date on his progress.

House Project Creates ‘Celebrity Status’ for Couple

Carolyn Rose of Royal Palm Beach, FL, writes: This site is totally addictive. I’m not doing any renovations, nor do I foresee it under any circumstances. But the author is so down to earth and real and the shared experiences are so real, informative and enjoyable. I’ll be tuning in as often as possible just for the updates, laughter and insights. I think I read a couple of years’ worth of entries in one sitting!

Dean Erickson of Spring Valley, CA, writes: Excellent. Sounds like we have our own Covenant Home improvement program – and started in an area where it should develop easily. Keep up the good work.

New Book: Tools for Assisted Living Caregivers

Marlowe Shoop of Mercer Island, WA, writes: It is beautiful to have someone respond to the voice of God in such an important manner. Her “Pocket Tools” will be used in building relationships that will bless the Kingdom.

Jerome K. Johnson of Sedro-Woolley, WA, writes: Most of the fear of anything is the unknown. Such a witness as that of Anne McEwen can help dispel our fears.

Carol Bob of Waxhaw, NC, writes: I share the author’s concern for the care of the elderly demented, especially those with Alzheimer’s. This sounds like a great resource.

Magazine Names LifeChurch ‘Most Innovative’ in U.S.

Elizabeth White of Roanoke, TX, writes: So far, I have seen about five Life churches in the metroplex area of Dallas-Fort Worth. I am a person who was born into the Covenant church in Kansas, but have yet to determine where or which of these churches is one affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant. (Editor’s note: an excellent resource for locating Covenant churches is the local church directory as part of this Covenant website.)

Bed Sheets and Coffee? Yep, That’s Mission

Marge Erickson of Stockholm, SD, writes: I can relate to this story so well. Our small group of missionary minded ladies also like to make bandages. The group has done this for many years. We did slow down too much on rolling bandages and went to quilt making. We decided this year we are going to do more bandages and also layettes, along with some quilting. We try to meet every Wednesday at 9 a.m. and work most of the day. The third Wednesday we have our business meeting and a bible study in the afternoon. As many of us are getting older, we can’t put in quite as many hours as we used to. Our church is Elim Covenant Church in Stockholm. We have about six ladies who are very active in the mission work.

Toni Schwabe of Wyoming, MN, writes: It is so wonderful to see this vital ministry brought to the attention of all Covenanters. Hundreds of women across the country have been rolling bandages for decades and continue to do so today. Thank you women of Iowa for being faithful. Children and men have been involved, too. The men of the Northwest Conference also are faithful at making rolling machines to make the job easier.

Swedish Lutherans, Mission Covenant Sign Worship Agreement

Jeffrey Jones of Biwabik, MN, writes: I find this agreement very intriguing. It is good there is recognition of and cooperation with other denominations (Lutherans and Covenanters). I personally have many Lutheran friends and colleagues and I enjoy ecumenical cooperation with other bodies here in the states. I even lived in Sweden during college in the 1980s so I think I have some understanding of the issue. However, do we as Covenanters really hold the same view of the sacraments as Lutherans do, especially in regards to baptism, let alone communion? We have differences don’t we? Has the Swedish church changed any of their views or practices? Obviously, this issue gets more complicated when you jump across the ocean to the USA, but I still find it intriguing. Would we contemplate doing the same thing here in the U.S.? Other bodies in our country have moved toward similar paths in recent years, but is this a path for us in the future? How do we come together, but also retain the importance and distinction of our differences? I am not for or against such a move at this time. I do see how it makes sense in Sweden. It’s a small country and cooperation is probably very necessary. However, that doesn’t excuse the fact of not recognizing that there are differences between those two bodies. I didn’t have a problem with the second paragraph until the end, “the same understanding of the sacraments.” Yes, as Protestant denominations we recognize two sacraments (baptism and the Eucharist), but I believe we have some major differences in what we believe about those sacraments. At the least, we have a difference in how we practice them and how many people in the pews view them. Thank you for covering this story.

Marieta de Asis of Davao City, Philippines, writes: I am happy to read about the agreement of the two Christian organizations. It is the time to be united, to let the world see the unity of the believers, because we believe in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

A Special Prayer for a Special Congressman

Max Kuecker of Chicago, IL, writes: May Peter Roskam remember that God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others. May he lead on behalf of “the least of these” in his district, supporting programs that bring God’s mercy and compassion to the thousands of people living in poverty in his district.

Zack Stuck Returns to High School Classes

Terry  Peterson of Grand Rapids, MI, writes: What a great thing to hear about Zack again. Being part of the “inside track” and knowing he was in Knoxville this summer before his appearance on stage, made the moment even sweeter. What a blessing to hear that God is working in such a great way in his life. Our prayers continue to be with him and his family. Thanks for the update!

Adele Cole: A Forward-Thinking ‘Trailblazer’

Karl Hallsten of Sierra Vista, AZ, writes: Adele and her family were dear friends for many years, particularly those years we were at Bethlehem. She was always an inspiration and support to my activities. She did much to reshape my view of women in ministry. I cherish the memories. My prayers are with her family in this time of loss.

Survey: Teens Struggle With Pressure to Succeed

Katie Martinez of Loveland, CO, writes: This is a fine story, and an important topic. Thanks for being tuned in to the issues of formation, culture, and the relationship between the two. The church has much to offer in the midst of this middle American crisis.

Lawrence Pointer of Chicago, IL, writes: Marti and I agree with the fact that teens are looking for the “real” in Jesus. I also agree and believe that if we can begin to live as real Christians and not be so worried about fitting in with the world, our teens will begin to see that Christ is real, he is strong and that all things are possible for their lives through him.

Former North Park Football Player Transforms Lives

Douglas Cederberg of Bedford, MA, writes: Thanks for this story! For too long now the question has been asked, “Can anything good come from North Park football?” Oh, yes! Coach Kern carries out his vocation as coach in a manner similar to Jesus – he does not “lord it over the players” in the stereotypical football coach way, but as their leader he has become also their servant. That he has won games with this approach is great, but the long-term impact he will have on his players is even more important. This will make a nice sermon illustration!

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Fresh Material Being Developed for New Member Orientation

Brian McMillan of Palatine, IL, writes: Glad to hear we’re developing new membership materials. I personally like “A Family Matter” materials and hope that this is a “facelift” exercise more than a “re-invention” exercise. I like the inclusion of the .mp4 file, but the fact that you have the file embedded twice with 2 different names gives the impression that there are two separate .mp4 presentations, not that it’s the same file embedded twice. That leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth after opening the file a second time and finding out that it’s a duplication of the same file.

CHIC: Jesus Was No Ordinary Teacher

Michelle Diamon of Poplar, WI, writes: Ohhh my word! CHIC was sooo awesome! I was there – I remember all the kids there in worship, headstrong for Christ. There is nothing better – I miss it.

Ravenswood Church a Partner in New Daycare Center

Virginia Montgomery of Riverdale, GA, writes: I really think this is a great idea. I would love to hear more about the program. I am a home childcare provider and would like to learn more about how you got started and how you came about the support.

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