121st Annual Meeting Concludes in Grand Rapids

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI (June 17, 2006) – The 121st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church concluded today following three days of business sessions, workshops, and evening worship services.

A six-member news team from Covenant Communications covered the activities each day, posting stories and photographs to the online Covenant news report, as well as live broadcasting each of the evening worship services. Resources incorporated into the various activities are available on the Covenant website at www.covchurch.org, where copies of the evening services can be viewed.

A summary of the actions taken during the sessions, which was distributed to delegates just prior to adjournment, also is available in the 2006 Annual Meeting section of the website. To visit the stories, resources and other information in the Annual Meeting section, please see 2006 Annual Meeting.

Just prior to the conclusion of the meeting, an emailed message was received from Dr. Mossai T. Sanguma, president of the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), congratulating President Glenn Palmberg on his election to a third term as president.

“The Evangelical Community of the Ubangi Mongala (CEUM) wants to express its sincere appreciation to President Glenn Palmberg for his re-election to be president for the third time of the Evangelical Covenant Church. President Palmberg is a minister who brings so easily the World to Christ and Christ to the World. He is a relation builder and he knows how to care for those who are different from himself. His great smile while embracing brothers and sisters can quickly make that person feel relaxed and connected to him without hesitation.

“President Palmberg is truely loved by his brothers and sisters of the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Sanguma continues. “The CEUM wants to see this continue with his leadership of the Evangelical Covenant Church. His re-election is God’s will and we were parts of it, though we had no way to act on our behalf for him. However, what the 121st Annual Meeting has done fits into our expectation. May the Lord who guided him these past years of leadership, do it more and more for the years to come. May God bless his family to be strong and healthy to fulfill what God has given him. Our sincere congratulations go to President Glenn Palmberg.”

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