Twenty-Five Churches Welcomed into Membership

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI (June 15, 2006) – Welcoming new churches into membership of the Evangelical Covenant Church always is a highlight at the annual meetings, and this year was no exception during the denomination’s 121st Annual Meeting.

Delegates welcomed 25 churches with a cumulative approximate membership of 1,570 and cumulative average attendance of 4,347.

Several of the churches are adoptions into the denomination. These include St. Paul’s (Wolf’s) Church of York, Pennsylvania, which was founded in 1763 and formerly was a member of the United Church of Christ; Four Rivers Church of Paducah, Kentucky; Cornerstone Church of Boston, Massachusetts; Community Evangelical Covenant Church of Chicago, Illinois; Puna Congregational Covenant Church of Kea’au, Hawaii; and New Jerusalem Covenant Church of Chicago.

New church representatives Several of the new churches continue to represent ethnic diversity, as 55 percent of them minister to congregations of color. These ethnic and multi-ethnic congregations include Community Evangelical Covenant Church of Chicago, a first-generation Filipino congregation; and QueensWest Covenant Church, with a large Asian population; a largely African-American congregation.

The churches also are varied in their worship styles and ministries. The House Covenant Church of Chicago has a hip-hop service that reaches approximately 500 youth and young adults each week. Artisan Covenant Church offers a variety of worship styles to reach a postmodern generation. Lifehouse Covenant Church has a strong recovery ministry. Metro Community Covenant Church of Fort Lee, New Jersey, meets in a Jewish community center and has a ministry called Justice, Advocacy and Compassion that has organized homeless dinners and ministers to illiterate children and single mothers.

Several churches were launched with the help of other Covenant churches. A cluster of Covenant churches supported the pioneer ministry of Hope Covenant Church in El Dorado, Kansas. First Covenant Church of Portland, Oregon, sponsored Vibrant Covenant Church.

Following is the list of new churches, grouped by conference, with average membership and attendance figures following each church’s name:

Central Conference

  • The House Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois – none listed, 500 attendees.
  • New Jerusalem Life Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois – none listed, 40 attendees.
  • Community Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois – 25 members, 65 attendees.

East Coast Conference

  • Cornerstone Church, an Evangelical Covenant Church, Boston, Massachusetts – in process members, 230 attendees.
  • Metro Community Covenant Church, Fort Lee, New Jersey – 50 members, 140 attendees.
  • Brooklyn Covenant Ministries, Brooklyn, New York – 85 members, 55 attendees.
  • QueensWest Covenant Church, Long Island, New York – 51 members, 100 attendees.
  • St. Paul’s (Wolf’s) Church, An Evangelical Covenant Church, York, Pennsylvania – 428 members, 200 attendees.

Great Lakes Conference

  • Four Rivers Church, An Evangelical Covenant Church, Paducah, Kentucky – 70 members, 350 attendees.
  • Artisan Covenant Church, Rochester, New York – 15 members, 75 attendees.
  • Designer’s Covenant Church, Nashville, Tennessee – 45 members, 92 attendees.

Midwest Conference

  • Lifehouse Covenant Church, Longmont Covenant Church – 62 members, 45 attendees.
  • Hope Covenant Church, El Dorado, Kansas – 32 members, 110 attendees.

North Pacific Conference

  • Vibrant Covenant Church, Portland, Oregon – 40 members, 65 attendees.
  • The Well Covenant Church, Corvallis, Washington – 75 members, 150 attendees.
  • Quest Ministries, an Evangelical Covenant Church, Seattle, Washington – 72 members, 400 attendees.

Pacific Southwest Conference

  • Vision Covenant Church, Azusa, California – 10 members, 120 attendees.
  • Rock Harbor Covenant Church, Rocklin, California – none listed, 255 attendees.
  • Bayside of South Sacramento Covenant Church, Sacramento, California – 75 members, 600 attendees.
  • Life Covenant Church, Torrance, California – none listed, 130 attendees.
  • La Vina Covenant Church, Kerman, California – 32 members, 105 attendees.
  • Nueva Vision Covenant Church, Winnetka, California – 67 members, 100 attendees.
  • Canto Nuevo Covenant Church, Walnut Creek, California – 80 members, 125 attendees.
  • Puna Congregational Covenant Church, an Evangelical Covenant Church, Kea’au, Hawaii – 188 members, 225 attendees .

Southeast Conference

  • Grace Covenant Church, Columbia, South Carolina – 70 members, 70 attendees.

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