Friends Use Website to Eulogize Antwan Williams

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By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (May 24, 2006) – As soon as they heard the tragic news, friends began eulogizing 22-year-old Antwan Williams on his MySpace Internet account. He had died too young, but they wanted to share how much he already had influenced their lives.

Williams, 22, died instantly on Saturday from injuries suffered in an automobile accident in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. He and two friends were driving to a local mall when their car went out of control, crossed a median and struck a semi-truck, according to local press reports. One of his friends also died in the crash – the other remains on life support.

Antwan Williams Williams graduated from Covenant Bible College (CBC) in Strathmore, Alberta, just three weeks ago. He had finalized plans on Thursday to return as Dean of Men.

“Thank you for letting your life be a walking testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ,” reads one of the MySpace entries. “I know that there will be a harvest that comes from your life. I will miss you a lot, but I know that we will see each other again.” – Lis

“I honestly can’t think of anyone who embodied Christ and what it meant to live in ‘The Kingdom’ more than you,” writes another. “I love you so much, man, and I really, really miss you.” – Jake.

Todd Slechta, CBC’s executive director, says students are rarely allowed to take such an important position immediately after graduating, but Williams demonstrated his maturity through humility, enthusiasm, and hard work. Although Williams had been in the community for only a year, the town of Strathmore surprised him at his graduation with the Karl Sorenson Award for his community service.

He learned a lot of his leadership skills while working for three summers as a counselor at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp and Retreat Center, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. “He was by far our favorite counselor,” says David Aucker, executive director. “The kids loved him. I would dare say that 90 percent of the regular campers would know who he was.”

A resident of Gary, Williams started attending Covenant Harbor in 1997, having been the beneficiary of a Golf for Kids scholarship. In an online story last September, Williams said, “Being on staff has taught me a lot. I listen to my campers and their struggles call me to a higher standard. They are looking up to me as a role model.” To read that account, please see Scholarship Recipients.

In an email he sent to the Covenant Harbor staff last week, Williams wrote, “I truly appreciate all of you for all that you have done for me. This goes to show that the scholarship money that I received as a kid those summers of coming to camp showed me the love of Christ more than words could have. Your investment in my life has been part of shaping my life.”

The Covenant harbor staff “has really been traumatized” by Williams’ death, Aucker says. Student counselors from as far away as Rockford and Chicago gathered at the camp over the weekend to watch videos that include Williams.

Williams is featured prominently in the upcoming promotional video for the camp. The video has been produced, but Aucker says a tag will probably be added at the end in memory of the former camper and counselor.

In describing himself, Williams wrote on his MySpace account: “I’m trying to live my life with trusting that God will provide for me and that all I need to do is trust him, even when I can’t see beyond a decision that I have to make. Trusting God is more than just saying yes – you have to respond by doing. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Pray that God leads you into your destiny.”

A funeral service will be conducted Saturday in Gary. North Park University has opened its residence halls to more than 30 students from CBC who will be traveling to the funeral. For more information about the service time and location, call CBC Canada at 403-934-6200 or email the school at

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