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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (May 24, 2006) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Pastors Gain Glimpse of Fulani Life

Marilyn E. Moore of Somerville, MA, writes: How wonderful we are able to hear about the work of the Johnsons with the Fulani from visitors of the Covenant. These pictures speak volumes of the work of Rose Cornelious in leading this trip and previous trips to Congo and Haiti, connecting the diversity of our church with the heritage of some of our pastors, wives and members. Let us praise God for this powerful ministry of learning and sharing. May God continue this work for years to come. We should be humble that God has given us such a diverse denomination, able to spread our love and wings to all the world.

Memorial Service May 28 for Eleanor Helwig

Martha A. Melander of South Bend, IN, writes: I went to North Park College with Ted and Dave, so my prayers and thoughts are and shall be with them and the whole Helwig family! My dad (Harry B. Melander), a life-long Covenanter in the South Bend Evangelical Covenant Church, just passed away May 10, so I fully understand what the Helwig family is going through. May the precious Lord be with each member of the Helwig family – bless and sustain them at this time of loss. Ted might remember my father because, when I was very ill in the 1990’s (when I was able to attend North Park Covenant Church), we always sat in the row behind Ted’s family.

Severe Flooding in Northeast Affects Covenanters

Debra L. Anderson of Grand Rapids, MI, writes: While I am saddened by these events, I used to attend Redeemer Covenant Church and wonder if Joel Anderle is the same Joel Anderle who served as our youth pastor for awhile? If so, I would like to say hello, and I am praying for you all. I work at Covenant Village of the Great Lakes retirement community as a marketing representative for residential living.

Readers Share Their Thoughts

Donna Moline of Yelm, WA, writes: Thank you, Art Greco, for commenting on the comments in Readers Share Their Thoughts – you couldn’t have said it better on both issues!

Band Sees Success as Opening to Share Faith

Jean Wysocki of Westminster, CO, writes: Wonderful article, Stan! Thank you so much for your insightful questions. I just wanted to clarify that Ben and David’s home church is Christ Community Covenant Church in Arvada, CO., also known as CCCC or 4Cs. Again, thanks for taking the time to talk to the guys – we are very proud of them!

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Autistic Ministry Increases Impact of California Church

Donna Fry of South Bend, IN, writes: I’m currently serving as the director of children’s ministries at a Missionary church in Indiana. Before moving to Indiana, I lived in California and read about the Huberts in the Daily Breeze newspaper. We have a need in our church regarding children with autism. I would appreciate any means of communication with Gina Hubert – perhaps someone can provide contact information?

Advent Devotion: Keeping Our Hearts Focused on God

Thelma Rather of Houston, TX, writes: I like the reading very much. I am reminded of the situation at home when I was a child growing up. I was the youngest of 14, but I can remember when all of us would really be together on these special holidays. Now we are all scattered around and hardly get to be together to give thanks. I am looking for a particular verse in the Bible about keeping your mind focused on God.

Wallet-size Copies of Sallman Painting Now Available

Chuck Ross of North Canton, OH, writes: If you could please let me know where I can order some of these cards, I would be grateful. When I was young, a pastor gave me one of these cards, except John 3:16 was printed on the back. This man, through this picture, has changed my life. The pastor has since passed away. A few of us at work are trying to reach out to the homeless, prostitutes, and street people. This would be the perfect tool.

Bishop Benjamin F. Reid Dead

Gwendolyn Jones of Chicago, IL, writes: I would like to know if anyone has more information than is contained in this little article on Benjamin F. Reid. I have to do an essay on him, and I only have this little information about his life.

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