Canadian Farmers Expanding Outreach to Liberians

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NORQUAY, SK (April 12, 2006) – Canadian farmers are expanding opportunities for Covenanters to help displaced people in the African nation of Liberia.

Last year, members of Evangelical Covenant Churches across Canada raised $69,178. Participants “bought” 55 acres of wheat at $160 an acre for their “Kernels of Hope” project. The money covered the cost of farming the land, which was done by the farmer who owned the land, Dale Peterson.

That investment led to the nearly $70,000 return when the yield of 92.5 metric tons was sold and the final price was matched four to one by the Canadian International Development Agency. The money was distributed through the Canadian Food Grains Bank and World Relief Canada.

This year, other farmers are setting aside portions of their land so the project can be expanded, says Ray Baloun, who is a member of the Executive Board of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. He developed the idea with Conference Superintendent Jeff Anderson.

In addition to Peterson, Rock Olson of Norquay will seed 40 acres and Dan Charles of Minnedosa, Manitoba, is seeding 40 more. Mike and Lorne Nelson also will farm 40 acres in Alberta.

People can become “farmers” by purchasing acres or parts of acres. Costs per acre are $160 for the Olson and Peterson farms, $165 an acre at the Charles farm, and $200 at the Nelson farm.

“Kernel by kernel, acre by acre, we can make life so much better for so many people,” says Baloun. Interested “farmers” should contact Baloun by emailing him at Visa and Mastercard payments will be accepted.

Money raised from the wheat sale will benefit a project to help Liberians return to their country following years of civil war that recently ended, Baloun says. The funds will purchase food, tools, and farming supplies so the Liberians can create sustainable agriculture. Some of the money also will go toward rehabilitating damaged roads and bridges.

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