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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (April 10, 2006) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Flight to Freedom: One Immigrant’s Story

Donna J. Palmberg of Mercer Island, WA, writes: My eyes flooded with tears as I read this story. Years ago the women of Mercer Island churches cooperated by having a united World Day of Prayer Service on the first Friday of March each year. As the present deacon of women ministries at Mercer Island Covenant, I wanted to reinstate this event. After talking with my pastor, Greg Asimakoupoulos, I decided to take his suggestion and see if Covenant Shores might like to begin sponsoring it. Though I would be out of town at the time of the event, I met with the administrators and was thrilled by their enthusiasm. Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how God can use ideas that pop into our heads way beyond what we might dream. The residents of Covenant Shores are more united in love with our ethnic employees than ever before. Praise be to God!

Memorial Celebration April 2 for Ross Foley

Karen Strusz of Red Wing, MN, writes: My husband and I attended Faith Covenant a few times over the past 10 years with our daughter and her husband – Kari and Kevin Wartick – who are members at Faith. We always enjoyed his service and messages and we are saddened by his sudden passing. Our sympathy and prayers go out to his family and the family of Faith Covenant.

Gene and Sally Bak of The Villages, FL, write: Ross was a great mentor for our son. Our son was his music director right out of Bethel College and now a career pastor of worship and arts in Zionsville, Indiana. We loved and appreciated him much.

Loren Stayboldt of Sammamish, WA, writes: Thank You! I was one of the lucky ones to have grown up in the Los Angeles Covenant Church. Ross was one of the “good guys.” Always bright, humble, and positive. He influenced my life. I am sorry to see him leave us. Please pass this condolence on to his family and church.

Erickson’s Condition Showing Some Improvement

Al and Sheri Esken of Stockholm, WI, write: We love you Paul. The church at Lund has been praying that God will touch and heal your body. Also that God will comfort Joan and the family as they relate to your injuries.

Elaine Pitezel of Fridley MN, writes: I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers, that healing will be swift and complete. We will count on that good Swedish heritage to kick in and have you up and about very soon.

Covenant Bookstore Restructuring Announced

Julie Bromley of Glenview, IL, writes: Though I understand all the practical reasons for this decision, I feel that it is sad to see our denomination leave behind this important resource. There are few, if any, Christian bookstores of any merit, particularly in this area, and it was a strong and positive message that the Covenant sent to this community in having such a high quality bookstore. To go the online route will further diminish this resource, not enhance it. It’s a shame that the best way to find Christian books is in the secular marketplace. I’m sorry to see the Covenant join those ranks.

Candace Cesarz of Farmington Hills, MI, writes: Going to the Covenant Bookstore on Saturday afternoon whenever I came back to North Park for a reunion (college class of 1973) was always one of the highlights of the weekend. I will greatly miss browsing through the Covenant Bookstore and making those spur-of-the-moment purchases when something catches my eye.

Sacrifices at Funerals? Culture Is Changing

Elaine Clauson of Williams Bay, WI, writes: I appreciate the story about the Hmong funeral at First Covenant Church in St. Paul. I praise God for the life of Nhia Her, for his faith in Jesus and his desire for his family and community to know Christ. And I praise God for the respect shown by Covenant pastors and lay leaders for the Hmong culture, yet their faithfulness to the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This process has always been integral to the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. Thank you for a well-written and informative article.

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Musical Tribute Highlights Newsletters’ Updates

Andrea Brister of Houston, MS, writes: Hi, Kelly! I have thought about you often. I am so proud of your accomplishments in music. I have your CD that I got at the last NYL Council meeting that I attended. I am glad you are doing well.

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