KICY Battling Snow, Wind, Repair Costs

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NOME, AK (March 3, 2006) – It has been a difficult winter for KICY radio, which has endured three blizzards in the last 10 days and extended periods of bitter cold. The station also needs to raise more than $183,000 to repair damage caused by a fire last August that has rendered silent part of the station’s AM broadcast.

The latest blizzard began Wednesday, and all of the storms have been accompanied by winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour, says Dennis Weidler, the station’s general manager. One blizzard knocked the station off the air the weekend of February 17.

The wind has even blown a foot-high snow drift into the station building. The station actually is two buildings attached to each other, but no one would notice if just walking through them, says Weidler. One building shifts, however, because it is built on pilings on the tundra. The wind has blown the snow through the opening.

“It happens every year,” Weidler says.

Workers also have weathered temperatures that reach 26 degrees below zero and have had to fight freezing pipes. “We were chasing freeze-ups all over KICY buildings,” Weidler writes in the station’s latest newsletter.

The fire at in the tuning house at one of the towers last August has prevented the station from broadcasting into Siberia, Kamchatka, and deeper into Chukotka. Damaged were the tower, tuning house and the circuitry. The damage was valued at $320,000 – the circuitry is the most expensive item, costing $213,000 to replace. Insurance is paying for $137,000 of the total cost, which means the station staff must raise the remainder.

“We need to raise a lot of funds,” Weidler says. “That’s my big project now.” Those interested in learning more about the station’s need can contact Weidler at KICY, P.O. Box 820, Nome, AK, 99762, or by telephone at 907-443-2213.

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