Sharing Language Opens Door to Sharing Faith

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CHICAGO, IL (February 21, 2006) – Participants in Beijing Connection 2006 say time spent with Chinese students offered an excellent opportunity to give the young people an opportunity to ask questions about the Christian faith.

Several United States residents who attend Evangelical Covenant churches traveled with 35 students, 29 of whom are college-age and six who are the equivalent age of junior high students. All were from a rural area of China and traveled to Beijing on a cultural tour. The accompanying photo shows one of the areas visited – the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China A key goal of the trip was to provide an opportunity for a language immersion experience as the Chinese students spent time with the Americans, as well as opportunities to share faith. “We were a witness by how we acted,” said one person on the trip.

The group offered prayers at meal times and conversationally shared the role that their religious beliefs play in a variety of topic discussed. Many of the students asked faith-related questions, some centering on the ability of the United States to be considered a Christian nation in the face of certain of its national policies and governmental actions.

Developing relationships was important. “We had a lot of one-on-one time with them,” says one participant. “Because there is so much time spent with the students, you get to know them well.”

The students from the small rural area said they were overwhelmed by the city. “They tried to act cool, but you could tell they were often in awe,” said one member.

Americans traveling on the trip came from Oklahoma and Illinois. They returned in late January.

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