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CHICAGO, IL (February 9, 2006) – C. John Weborg is well known for often asking the question, “Are you with me?” The ad hoc musical group “Norman Church and the Flying Buttresses” – comprised of ministers, North Park Theological Seminary faculty and students – sang a “new hymn” penned by Carol Noren, a seminary professor, and set to the tune of “Are Ye Able, Said the Master.” The part of Weborg was sung by seminary student Gavin Dluehosh during last Wednesday evening’s dinner honoring Weborg.

“JOHN” sings: Are you with me in my lectures, when a student rolls his eyes?
When my point is convoluted, or in sacramental guise?

REFRAIN (all): John, we are with you, at least so we hope;
We’ll keep on listening, great truth to grope;
Your mental radiance, above us so high,
The faith polyvalent, we’ll welcome by and by.

STUDENTS sing: Are you with me, Pastor Weborg, when they vandalize shalom?
When my courses overwhelm me, when I feel like going home?

REFRAIN (all): Yes, he is with you, the train brings him here,
To form young pastors, for yet one more year;
Eyes may be closed, but his heart’s open wide,
To listen and pray as teacher, friend and guide.

FACULTY sing: Are you with us as we struggle, with a new curriculum?
Or the latest chapel music, stuff we cannot even hum?

REFRAIN (all): Yes, he is with us, says Registrar Kim,
No distance learning, or Blackboard for him!
But with a pencil in hand he’ll get by,
And teach here on campus, and for NCTI.

DENOMINATION sings (all): Are you with us in our churches, as God’s future we embrace?
Be our “Covenant Companion,” show us how to live by grace!

REFRAIN (all): Yes, John is with us, his columns don’t lie;
Ritual, he says, is our greatest ally!
We’ll touch the water, recall what we know,
Christ’s Spirit shall lead us, everywhere we go.

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