Super Bowl Saga: Readers Share Their Thoughts

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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (February 2, 2006) – The fascinating story that is unfolding this week – Kathy Holmgren ministering in Africa while her football coach husband competes in the Super Bowl – has captured not only worldwide media attention, but it clearly has inspired readers of this daily online Covenant news report, which is brought to you by the Department of Communication of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

From time to time, we like to share reader responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to our ongoing coverage of the Holmgren saga, edited in some cases for length. To read previous Holmgren stories, select from the following links:


Dr. Mossai T. Sanguma, president of the Congo Covenant Church in Gemena, DR Congo, writes: I am so excited for the Kathy Holmgren decision to go to heal more patients in Karawa. When I learned . . . that Kathy and Calla are willing to go to Congo instead of waiting to see Mike at the Super Bowl, I was really amazed by this decision – and I found out that my ministry in Congo is also important. And that God has provided someone like Kathy to wipe my people’s tears as they are going to heal and train Congolese doctors in many dimensions. May the Lord open His gracious face upon the Northwest Medical Team as they travel to Congo. May their ministry be a blessing for millions of Congolese so that Covenant World Mission will be encouraged to continue its mission to Congo. The Evangelical Community of the Ubangi Mongala (CEUM), known as the Congo Covenant Church, still needs people like Kathy, Calla and many more to serve the Lord in Congo Democratic.

Joanna (Colby) Schoenhals of Denver, Colorado, writes: It is awesome to see God at work in most unique ways! From the Super Bowl to Karawa, DRC – who would have thought that? We’ll pray for the safety of all involved as well as the increased support for medical work in DRC that may be generated by this public exposure. I am one who attended boarding school at Karawa, so these places and people are close to my heart. May God honor the Holmgrens and the other team members’ commitment to serve him in this way.

Ken and Elaine Johnson of Plymouth, Minnesota, write: It’s been great reading, all these stories about the Holmgrens. It is also great to see the Covenant getting in the news all over the world – and it’s about good things for the Kingdom, and not some scandal or otherwise. We need to pray that this is not just sensational, but rather that the message of Jesus’ love would take first place in all of this. The Covenant’s mission is to bring the good news to everyone, and God is working his wonders here. What a powerful witness! May God bless you folk in Chicago getting this news out.

Dave Occhiuto of Longmont, Colorado, writes: I praise God to see celebrities with their priorities in order.

Glen D. Cole of Sacramento, California, writes: Awesome story! On the eve of the biggest sporting event of the year, the wife of the coach leaves to touch another part of the world (our world). How refreshing in a time of so much need around the world, with so much at our fingertips to touch that need, to see a living example of caring. Thank you!

Wayne Carlson of Algonquin, Illinois, writes: Will be praying for the team and watching the Seahawks and wishing them the best.

Judy Gatke of Tonopah, Arizona, writes: Isn’t it WONDERFUL how the Lord is truly involved in ALL things. Who would have thought that the Congo would know about the Super Bowl. It’s soooo exciting to see him use all of us as his messengers. We must always be prepared to do his will anywhere he puts us. Thank you for all that you do.

Janet Lungren of Chicago, Illinois, writes: Thanks for this ongoing coverage. It’s fabulous “we’re” getting so much mileage out of this. God’s timing is so perfect! Keep up the good work!!

Ken Johnson of Plymouth, Minnesota, writes: Great story! Thank God for Christian men like Mike Holmgren.

Melissa Glaze of Alliance, Ohio, writes: Awesome story. My husband just heard this story on WCRF (our Christian radio station) and had to call me and share. I am a Steeler’s fan, but now find a lump in my throat and a godly desire to see coach Holmgren’s team come through with a win. May the Lord bless and keep your family, Mr. Holmgren, and may the Lord bless you for keeping the “main thing, the main thing.”

Elaine Johnson Suter of St. Petersburg, Florida, writes: I am an avid football fan, but when the Tampa Bay Bucs lost out, I have been rooting for Seattle. This is a big game, but you will be performing an even bigger service in Congo. Dr. Helen Berquist was my roommate at North Park University and when I saw her recently, she told me about the trip. Go Mike and go Kathy. Will be thinking of you over there on Sunday as we watch the Super Bowl. God’s blessings to you both.

Frank D. Beasley of Moss, Tennessee, writes: An out-of-sight happening . . . too bad the Christian world is asleep. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. Better things to do.

Leo Berg of Atascadero, California, writes: Not being a sports fan, I think there are many things more important than the Super Bowl, and I say bravo to these brave people who are putting their lives on the line for a real purpose.

Ruth Seashore Hryshkanych of Pembine, Wisconsin, writes: Thank you for publishing this article so people can pray as this group goes. A note to those going: God bless you and keep you and those to whom you travel. Greetings to that beloved country – I grew up at the boarding school at Karawa and wish I could join you in the work. In high school, I spent quite a few hours at the hospital teaching Sunday school to the women in the OB ward, holding their babies, laughing and talking with them. What treasured memories.

Dixie Yurczyk of Kent, Washington, writes: Great article. God will keep Kathy and Calla safe. The Holmgrens have their priorities in order. They will be in our prayers, so will Mike.

Hon. Leland Anderson of Lakewood, Colorado, writes: I just wanted to thank Kathy and Calla (and yes, Mike) for their commitment to the project in Karawa. Their decision to go forward with this mission is an inspiration to me. The call to discipleship certainly confounds our cultural priorities, doesn’t it?

Betty Thompson of Edmonds, Washington, writes: Being a Seahawk fan, I enjoyed the story.

Stan and Jan Johnson of San Jose, California, write: Our thoughts and prayers will be with Calla and Kathy and the whole team as they minister and assist in the hospital at Karawa. We have been made aware once again of how important it is to be a part of the Paul Carlson Partnership.

Dr. Gordon W. Jacobs of Charlotte, North Carolina, writes: What a fantastic commitment to the memory of Dr. Paul Carlson and to the desperate people of the Congo and to the Lord Jesus Christ. This remarkable team will make an invaluable and lasting contribution to the health and the spirit of the Congolese. I can visualize their excitement and the unforgettable bonding that will go on during their mission of hope. Only wish I could have been on this trip, but will always cherish that our teams in February and August were the pioneers. I especially admire Mike for letting his wife go on this trip. Will follow this trip closely and will root for the Seattle Seahawks. My prayers – onward for him.

Dr. Jerry J. Young of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, writes: Growing up in the Covenant church, I remember many stories of our missions in Congo. I was proud to read of the upcoming trip to the mission field and of the commitment of Kathy Holmgren and Calla. It is a joy to see the national publicity for this worthwhile mission and the Covenant church.

The eight-member medical team, of which Kathy Holmgren and her daughter, Calla, are a part, is traveling to Karawa under the auspices of the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM), the Evangelical Covenant Church, Northwest Medical Teams, and the Paul Carlson Partnership.

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