Advent: Discover the Reality of Jesus’ Birth

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KALAMAZOO, MI (December 8, 2005)  – Editor’s note: In preparation for the  Christmas observance, Covenant Communications is sharing devotionals  that originally appeared in local Covenant church newsletters and are  being published here by permission. The following comes from pastor John  Kepler of Kalamazoo Covenant Church.

By John Kepler
Since many have undertaken to set down an orderly account of the  events that have been filled among us . . . (Luke 1:1)
So begins Luke’s gospel as it unfolds the story of Jesus Christ in his  particular style of writing. Isn’t it typical for a physician to want to  give an “orderly account?” In fact, Luke mentions it twice in the  opening five verses.
His narrative gives us the most complete of the two accounts of Christ’s  birth, providing details of the common, human touch and the miraculous.  The good Doctor Luke sees Jesus as “fulfillment,” as God’s promised  action to provide humanity with a final gift for their salvation. His  gospel is filled with the humanity of Jesus more than any other . . .  God reaching out to touch their lives.
During the Advent and Christmas seasons, perhaps we need an orderly  account of things for our lives – perhaps we need a fulfillment of our  own. It is terribly easy to be side-tracked during this time of the  year. It is easy to let fun divert us away from a true sense of joy. It  is easy to let purchased gifts replace the gift of Christ. It is all too  easy to place worship at the end of the list of things to do. It is easy  to replace Luke’s ordered account of the first Christmas with the more  modern stories of Santa, Christmas trees, family traditions, and the  constant refrain, “It’s such a busy time of the year” . . . (translated:  chaos).
Christmas may be about the birth of a child, but it was never intended  to center on our children to the extent our culture has manufactured it.  In fact, Christmas Day wasn’t established until the Fourth Century, and  the holiday didn’t start emerging toward what it is today until the  Nineteenth Century (many point the finger at English writer Charles  Dickens).
Let me encourage you this Christmas to find that ordered account for  your life and to put it at the top of your list. Be drawn into the  magnificence, the simplicity, the life-changing reality of the birth of  Jesus Christ.
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