Bombing Nearly Derails Holy Land Tour

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CHICAGO, IL (December 2, 2005)  – A tour of the Holy Land led by retired  Covenant Pastor Chuck Anderson was nearly detoured due to the November 8  suicide bombing in Amman, Jordan.

Anderson was leading his 27th trip to the region, and the group was  scheduled to cross the King Hussein Bridge into Jordan from Israel on  November 10. “We weren’t sure if the trip would proceed into Jordan, but  other tour buses entered Jordan the day after the bombings and reported  that all was safe,” he says.
Several Covenanters from across the country traveled with the 18-member  group: Win Dean, Diane Penn, Mark Disosway, Charlene Panzegrau, Brian  Kyle, and George Kimball. The group left Chicago on November 7 and  returned November 20.
Covenant pastor Brian Kyle says that despite the tensions of the area,  he was glad to have made the trip. “I will never read my Bible the same  way again.”
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