Wounded Covenanter Recovering in Iraq

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FALLUJAH, IRAQ (December 20, 2004)  – U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Will Duffield,  28, son of Covenant pastor Craig and Jeanne Duffield of the Evangelical  Covenant Church of Ridgway, Pennsylvania, is recovering at a local  hospital after being shot by insurgents in Fallujah recently.

Duffield, who has served with the Marines for three years, was  conducting hostile searches with his unit on December 11 when he  encountered four insurgents. They fired on U.S. troops and Duffield was  wounded in the thigh, according to a recent story by the Ridgway  Record.

Corp. Duffield will return to active duty following his treatment and  recuperation. Duffield’s troop had served previously in Hawaii – Duffield was a company clerk there before coming to Iraq. He will most  likely serve in an office capacity once he returns to his unit.

Rev. Duffield spoke to his son last Saturday. “He’s doing fine and the  pain is not quite what it was at first,” said the pastor about his son’s current  condition. “The hardest part for us was last Sunday night (December 12)  because we had received a call saying he had been seriously injured. But  we called our prayer chain at church and (eventually) almost all of the  prayer chains in Ridgway were activated and then the larger Covenant  prayer chain was activated.”

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