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WILLMAR, MN (December 19, 2004)  – Editor’s note: In preparation for the  Christmas observance, Covenant Communications is sharing seven  devotionals that originally appeared in local church newsletters and are  being published here by permission. The following comes from Cheryl  Perry, an associate pastor working with children and families for First  Covenant Church.

By Cheryl Perry

I was reminded of something recently by my little dog.

Due to the fact that my family and I have been automobile challenged  lately (my car is in the shop), I had to walk down to the local post  office to get our mail. On one beautiful sunny day, I decided our dog,  Maggie, would probably enjoy a walk too.

Maggie is an 8-pound mutt. Keep this in mind – she is not so bright, and  that she also has an 8-pound body. I’m thinking that the brain can only  be a couple of ounces! Anyways, she loves to chase anything that moves .  . . balls, Frisbees, cats and squirrels are her favorites. As we were walking I noticed two cats crossing the road back  to their yard about a block ahead. I was thinking, “Now this would be  interesting.” But as we approached Maggie did not even notice the cats  that were crouched down and peering at us as we passed.

A few blocks down, I spotted a squirrel in a yard and, again, wondered  what Maggie’s response would be. I got another ‘non-response’ and  wondered, “How could this be?” Well, Maggie’s problem was that she was concerned with what was  going on right under her nose. Literally, she had her nose to the ground  just sniffing whatever was one step ahead of her. She missed out on the  potential of two great chases because she never looked up!

Our church has recently had an incredible 40 days of community building  and have heard stories of how people have been looking around for  opportunities to reach out and meet a need . . . and I’ve thought of how  awesome it is when our eyes are up, clearly focused on those around us, looking for ways to really make a difference.

The holidays are upon us. Let us not get so consumed with our “to do”  lists that we neglect to keep our eyes up, focused on Jesus this season.  Let’s not miss the joy because we have our noses buried in busyness. And  let’s all continue to be ever watchful for opportunities that God brings our way to share the love of Jesus with  those coming and going around us.

And for me, “Open my eyes that I may see . . .” (Psalms 119:18)

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