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BLAINE, MN (December 4, 2004)  – Good Shepherd Covenant Church in the Twin  Cities received more than a few “pennies from heaven” when an anonymous  donor gave $22,000 to the church as a way to help the congregation pay  off the balance of the church mortgage.

The large gift complemented one given a few weeks earlier, said pastor  Mike Hayes in his church’s November newsletter. Another family decided  to cover the cost of refurbishing the downstairs of a youth center. The  contributions come in the midst of a new building fund and the hiring of  a Minister of Family Life, Hollis Kim.

“I have seen God come up with perfectly timed surprises many times over  the years, yet each one still hits me with a fresh awareness of the  presence, the love, the grace, the wisdom and the power of the Lord,”  stated Hayes in giving thanks for the recent financial assistance to the  church.

The “Good News” at Good Shepherd this fall is one of many notes gleaned  from more than 250 newsletters sent by Covenant churches and  missionaries each month. The following updates are grouped by conference  and region.


  • Chicago, Illinois: Sylvia Seitan was recognized by Evanston Hospital  recently for her work as an oncology nurse and also for her efforts in  the postpartum/nursery unit. She has received 50 “CARE” awards from  patients and colleagues since 2000.
  • Galesburg, Illinois: The Covenant Church of Galesburg’s Karen  Mitchell was highlighted in a local newspaper for her volunteer work  throughout Galesburg. Meanwhile, another parishioner, Shirley Price, was  mentioned in a local news article for her work with Kelly Patches ‘n’  Pans unit of Home and Community Education. The group recently celebrated  its 30th anniversary.
  • Oak Lawn, Illinois: A child of Trinity Covenant Church, Mark  Rosengren, was recently recognized locally for his volunteer work with  Habitat for Humanity in western Massachusetts. He serves as project  manager for WITHOUSE (Women in Transitional shelter program) and has done a variety of other construction-related  projects in the region.

  • Qunicy, Massachusetts: Covenant Congregational Church near Boston  was recently honored by the Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion and  the Quincy Crisis Center as their Servant Church of the Year. The  congregation hosted the Crisis Center for an extended period earlier in  2005 as construction was being completed on the Crisis Center site.  Pastor Karen Palmatier, church chair Linda Day and vice chair Robert  Dano were among the representatives who attended the recognition dinner and  received the award on behalf of the church.

  • Liverpool, New York: Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church celebrated  40 years of ministry with a dinner and worship service on November 14.  The congregation honored many that had been a significant part of the  church’s history. Founded in 1964, Redeemer Covenant has been involved  in Alpha ministries recently and has a monthly food pantry to the  community, among other things. Mark Mosher has been senior pastor at the  church for three years. More about the congregation can be found on the  church’s website at www.myredeemer.com.

  • Golden, Colorado: Applewood Community Church celebrated its 10th  anniversary on November 6 with an event at Arvada Covenant Church.  Founding pastor John Wenrich (now at First Covenant in Portland, Oregon)  and wife Julie were honored during a ceremony after dinner. Current  pastor Guy McCaslin and worship director Daniel Sesay led a worship  service as the church considered the work it has done in ministering to  Golden and nearby communities near Denver. Next year, Applewood  Community Church hopes to move into a new location, said the Midwest  Conference in a recent newsletter article.
  • Mason City, Iowa: Kathy Graves, a graduate of North Park Theological  Seminary, has found a ministry niche in her region as Coordinator of  Spiritual Care for Hospice of North Iowa. She was featured in a special  Mason City newspaper section highlighting hospice ministries during  National Hospice Month. A doctor in the area, Mark Johnson of Mason  City’s First Covenant Church, serves as a medical director for Hospice of North Iowa. The hospice organization partners with Mercy Health  Network-North Iowa.
  • Lindsborg, Kansas: The Evangelical Covenant Church of Lindsborg has  used community theater to meet its community as more than half of the  cast of a recent performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor  Dreamcoat” in the region currently attends the church. Said Micki  Swenson in the church’s November newsletter, “This musical gives  highlights from the life of Joseph, so it is a great opportunity to  start open discussions on the story from God’s word versus the ‘stage  version’ and leads us to a greater appreciation of the forgiveness we  find in Jesus Christ.”
  • Shawnee, Kansas: Community Covenant Church’s Monty Duerksen was  recently elected to the Barbershop Quartet Hall of Fame, according to a  recent newsletter.

  • Kent, Washington: Mary Schaefer traveled to Argentina in  mid-November for a mission trip via Slavic Ministries in Seattle.  Argentina has a Ukrainian contingent within its borders and she was part  of the dedication of a Ukrainian church during her stay. She was part of a team that visited churches and participated in  evangelistic worship services in and around Buenos Aires, along with  working in orphanages in Paraguay and Bolivia.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bethlehem Covenant Church was recognized for  21 years of community service to the city’s north side. Along with  providing volunteers on an occasional basis, the congregation also  donates blankets and clothing, among other things. The church also has  other ministries to the neighborhood, including baking and wrapping  miniature loaves of banana bread and Advent calendars to neighbors and families of a local child care center. Individuals in the church have  also gotten notice by the local community. Bruce Carlson was credited in  an October 24 Minneapolis Star news article for his work in  developing the Schubert Club into an internationally acclaimed arts organization.

  • Tucson, Arizona: The Evangelical Covenant Church of Tucson  celebrated its 40th anniversary the first weekend of November with  events. Two individuals with Covenant connections, noted baseball coach  and former professional player Jerry Kindall and renowned Christian  author Kevin Leman, were guest speakers. Former pastors were also part  of the event, said pastor Dan Johnson.

  • Medellin, Colombia: Covenant missionary Gary Sander reported that  the Colombian Covenant Church has been given the opportunity to send two  representatives to the U.S. for a unique Leader in Residence program via  the Covenant’s Department of World Mission. The program is designed to  facilitate an exchange, exposure and interchange of cultures,  information and visions for various country leaders in ministry. The  Colombian Covenant Church recently formalized a strategy for ministry  with its congregations and hopes to make partnerships to further its  work. More about this partnership can be found by emailing Sander at  pactosand@yahoo.com. More about the Colombian Covenant Church – which  was begun in 1968 and has 35 congregations – can be found by visiting  www.pactocol.org.
  • Monterrey, Mexico: About three dozen participants from three  districts came to the Family Foundation for a week-long October  Christian Formation and leadership training event led by Covenant  missionaries Lisandro and Patricia Restrepo and Carlos Barragan.
To learn more about what is happening throughout the Covenant, regularly  visit this online Covenant news report at www.covchurch.org. To submit  information for consideration in this report, email Covenant  Communications at newsdesk@covchurch.org. Newsletters also can be sent by regular mail to  the Department of Communication at 5105 N. Francisco Avenue, Chicago,  IL, 60625. To subscribe to the free online Covenant news headline  report, visit the Covenant home page and select the “Newswire” link.

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