New Life Radio Faces Challenge in Satellite Switch

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RUSSIA (December 6, 2002) – A decision by the state-controlled telecom service to terminate use of a Lockheed Martin communications satellite, charging it is controlled by Americans, will have a negative impact on operations of New Life Radio, according to Dan Johnson.

The change is expected to occur some after December 20. The move will reconfigure the satellite signal’s footprint, which has been considered well-suited for New Life Radio’s needs. The new footprint will no longer be suitable for the radio station’s purposes.

Johnson says alternate means have been identified that will allow New Life to continue broadcasting its Christian programming. Two other popular satellites will carry the New Life signal, though signal strength will be diminished in the eastern part of Russia.

“All of these changes take a toll on the staff and finances,” Johnson said. “There is good news, however,” Johnson added, noting the appropriateness of the scripture verse found in Romans 8:28. “The contemplated changes will provide a stronger signal to Western Russia, the most populated portion of t he country. A stronger signal to the remainder of the country will be available next April, when another feed will be added to the satellite. All of these will require changes at the receiving end, but ultimately will provide an even stronger signal.

“Pray for Dan Johnson and the staff of New Life Radio in Moscow and Magadan,” said Robert C. Larson, chair of New Life’s board. Contributions can be sent to Christian Radio for Russia offices at 520 Spring Street, Jamestown, NY, 14701. Individuals desiring additional information can email the offices or Larson at and respectively.

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