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Thank you for your prayerful and financial support and your patience as we try to move into the blogging world again.  Our first blog worked very well as we prepared for our Home Assignment in Minnesota.  We trust we can utilize this mode of communication with our partners in ministry on a more consistent basis.

BIG NEWS – 2 for 1 at the doctor!

After a few days of Jonathan complaining about stomach pain, which is,  not uncommon here in Mexico City, his condition seemed to be getting worse than better, so we asked our pediatrician to see him.  After the meds were not effective, she asked for an x-ray of the abdominal area.  A few before Jonathan also complained about pain in his foot / heel.  Since his heel pain had not gone away, she xrayed that too!  The result … Jonathan has a case of colitis and tendonitis.  His foot is now immobilized (not exactly a cast) for two weeks, and he has to use crutches to get around.  The initial joy has worn off but he has been a trooper going up and down the steps at school and at home, getting faster each day!  The shocker of it all, since our pediatrician works at a government hospital, the total bill for doctor consultation, 2 x-rays and the half-cast was 200 pesos or $16 dollars!  We thank God that we could get good medical care of Jonathan.  He is taking meds for the colitis condition and we are working on ways to reduces his stress levels at home and at school, since stress can  worsen the condition.


Just before Jonathan’s emergency, we had an emergency with our dog, Nala.  We noticed that she was quite lethargic and took her to the vet.  She had a fever and the meds rejuvenated her for one day.  However the next day she returned to her lethargic state so we took her back to the vet.  He gaves some different meds and hope she would get better.  She did not, so we went for an X-ray.  After seeing the X-ray, the vet determined that surgery was necessary.  The found a huge infection in her reproductive system which needed to be removed.  She was home the same day and is making a full recovery!  Since she can not lick her stitches, she has to wear a cone around her head for two weeks!


The boys can hardly wait for the school year to be over!  Mexico has one of the longest school years in the world!  Zachary will graduate from Junior High (actually 9th grade) on July 5th.  He is officially registered to attend the High School associated with the Universidad InterContinental which will begin August 12th.  We ask for your prayers that Zachary can have a good transition to High School.  Jonathan will finish fifth grade and looks forward to completing Workshop 2 in the Montessori system, which has students in 4-6 grade in one room, next year.  His last day is July 5th as well.    Pray for us as parents in the final weeks of school as projects are due and tests are prepared for and taken.  We will be ready for summer too!


Last year we got bumped returning to Mexico after a family gathering in Kansas.  The result was an extra night in Atlanta, Georgia and generous travel vouchers for future travel.  So this summer we go back to the U.S., this time to Minnesota so we can be with friends and family there.  Grandpa and Grandma are excited to see us!  We look forward to our time away, being with family, seeing friends and people who pray for us, as well as swatting a few mosquitoes.  The boys are hoping we get bumped again!


We had a virus hit us earlier this year … sorry for those who got spammed.  Our covchurch address is active again, so if you want to connect with us via email our address is karl (dash) sue (dot) peterson (at) covchurch (dot) org  /  If you are a Skype user (free voice or video calls) our address is k(dot)s(dot)peterson  /  For those on Facebook, we have separate accounts:  Karl Eric Peterson & Sue Chelgren Peterson  /  For those who want to call our home, dial 011-52-555-513-7465 we will answer the phone in Spanish saying … bueno!  If there is a long silence we may answer in English.

Gracias for your partnership in mission!
Karl and Sue Peterson

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