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Posted by on November 9, 2013

The other day in church I kept hearing a loud whisper from behind me.  “Can we go now?  Is it almost time?  What happened?  I thought you said they do it after worship and before offering?  Are they still going to do it?  They aren’t going to do it are they“?   This last comment was said in a shaky voice…sounding close to tears.   I didn’t hear any more whispers through out the service until the very end.  The Pastor was closing the service and the whispers began again.  “Think he will do it?  Do they ever do it now?  Lord, please have him do it…please!  HE’S DOING IT!  LETS GO! LETS GO!!!!”  

About this time the Pastor asked us all to stand and invited anyone forward for prayer who needed it.  I couldn’t see who the whisper belonged to.  I could just glimpse movement two aisles over as “they” quickly went forward.  I strained to see who was so determined for prayer and was then overtaken by hungry children, nursery pick up tags exchanged, and handshakes.  I was never able to see the front or hear the whisper again.

I have thought about this person all week.  They wanted PRAYER so badly, so desperately, they couldn’t wait for the invitation for prayer.  I feel like perhaps they needed healing.  They just knew they would be healed at that alter.  I will not be surprised it I hear a testimony this week of a healing that day.  I will not be surprised to hear of a miracle.  I WILL BE SURPRISED IF I DON’T!

My daughter Kelsey was injured in a soccer game today.  I was at a different game with my son when my husband called to ask where the closest Urgent Care was with X-ray capabilities.  The X-rays came back clean…no breaks.  But they need to check her ligaments in her knee as soon as we can get her in.  She needed help showering, with ice, and medications.

As the house quiets down and I have a moment to reflect I started thinking about the “whisper” in church last week and how much I wish Kelsey would whisper those things to me tomorrow during service.  “Can we go now?  Is it almost time?”

As much as I would like to hear it can you imagine how much GOD WANTS TO HEAR IT MORE?

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