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Grace prayed for a Bandaid today.

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Grace prayed for a Bandaid today:

Today Grace came to me and asked me to pray for her to get a Band-Aid.  This is where she put it!  Her nose has been running non-stop so she prayed for a Band-Aid.  Why didn’t she just pray for complete healing instead of just a temporary cure?  Because she is a two year old child.
Yet I completely feel like Grace with my prayers lately.
Pray for our house to sell in Chicago.  Pray for us to find a house in Oklahoma.  Wait, pray for our house to sell in Chicago at the same time we find a house in Oklahoma.  Wait, pray for God’s will to be done.  Wait, pray for our house to sell when we have the money to buy a new one.  Wait, pray for us to get out of this two bedroom apartment, which is uncomfortable for our family of five.  Wait, pray for us to be content.  Pray for Riley to make friends, wait, pray they are good kids.  Pray for Kelsey to make friends and for the boys to be nice, wait!  Make sure the boys aren’t too nice!  Pray for Merge USA to be a blessing to others, wait, pray for more donations. Wait, wait, wait….
I have not idea what I am praying right now.  I just know that God is amazing and that His timing is perfect.  I don’t know what to ask because HE alone sees the whole picture!  He knows when our house should sell and WHO is should sell too.  He knows the prayers of whoever is looking in Chicago and He knows the prayers of whoever is selling in Oklahoma.  He is the master puzzle builder and HE alone has all the pieces.  If I were in control I might be praying for a Band-Aid when something else is the complete answer.
I don’t know how to pray but I know you love us.  I trust you.–Amen
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