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Posted by on May 23, 2012

THIRTY-ONE!  I posted a picture of myself holding a large pink Thirty-One box and everyone on Facebook started telling me happy birthday!  Hilarious.  First of all…that would be 7 years ago…second of all THANKS!  I have been praying for God to bring in money for MERGE Ministries.  I am half way to my goal and am ready to get to work!  Dale, the director of MERGE, has conveyed urgency to get my funds in.  He is receiving phone calls and e-mails to reach to the USA and we just don’t have the staff to do it…yet.  So being a good country girl; when you need money you work for it.  So I have been working the last few weeks at Calvary church in Naperville covering a friends maternity leave,  I babysat an adorable baby named Jackson, a new summer resident named Lindzee is now renting out our basement for 3 months and lastly…I started selling Thirty-One.  (Oh, and all the clothes I can get people to donate I take to consignments shops).   These projects have brought in over $2,000 dollars!!!

Thirty-One is a company based on Proverbs 31.  We sell, totes, bags, purses, scarves, and fun stuff like that.  The stuff is really cute.  I think most woman have tried to be involved in “HOME” sales at some time or another.  Usually it doesn’t work.  But I figured I would give it a try and get some cute stuff in the process.   I have been doing it for two weeks and already have had 3 parties and have 5 more booked!  When I say it’s all God I really mean it.  In my weakness HE is strong and HE is showing up right now!  My commission is %25 of all sales and I think my first check should be around $250.00 already.  How exciting!   To have parties right away to me is an example of God’s favor right now.  I feel very encouraged and can’t wait to see what else God does.  I can’t wait to start working for MERGE Ministries once my money is in!  I know we will have a tremendous impact on multiple communities in the United States!

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