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When your children touch you deeper than you ever imagined!

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Duct Tape Pen Bouquet

My two oldest children are at the age where they are realizing when something is hard or difficult for Mommy or Daddy.  They notice when you can’t open the door and they rush ahead to open it.  Or if you can’t find your phone they help you look with out even being asked.  If you get a troubling phone call they immediately wrap their arms around you simply for support.  Children are amazing.  I have been on an new and interesting journey of late called “fundraising”.  I am so humbled and overwhelmed when people give that it brings me to tears with every donation.  I am a tough woman who is not known to cry very much so this get their attention every single time.  If I am tearful lately they just nod and say “Mom, did you get a donation?”.  I love it that they think a $5.00 donation is just as cool as I do.  And when I got a $3400.00 donation they calculated how many video games that could purchase and then said it was so much better to help kids in the United States get encouragement through building projects, education, sports, and Jesus.  One video game or someones life is how they saw it.  I couldn’t be more proud!  So imagine how touched I was when my son received his allowance the other day and just handed it right back to me and said “Mom, can I donate to help you with MERGE?”.  I couldn’t even speak.  Fundraising has been slow and I am only at 19% after working for 5 months to raise money.  I have been praying for God to give me creative ideas…or any ideas at all.  I am at a loss of what to do.  Yesterday, my oldest daughter, offered me all her duct tape pens.  She said “Mom, you can sell them or give them away with MERGE cards…just at least try.  It’s all I have to offer ….but I love you and I think you can do it”.  (ok, I need a minute here!)  How amazing are my kids!  When people who know you better than anyone in the entire world believe in you all of a sudden, everything is better…oh so much better!

So anyone want to buy a pen?  You can pick the color and Kelsey will mail it to you.  The link to donate is

Duct Tape Pens

Blue and White Flower

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