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Owls, prayer, and crochet.

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Blue Owl

I love Owls that have a lot of character.  I love it when just looking at them make me smile.   I have never been a collector of anything so when I started collecting cute owls it was really fun to see how many people would bring me owls from anywhere and everywhere!    So why owls?

#1—Owls represent wisdom and I desire wisdom!

Ecclesiastes 1:13  And I set my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all that is done under heaven;

*Owls are often symbols of wisdom.  Perhaps it is because they have large, staring eyes or perhaps because they usually sit quietly, observing everything that goes on without making a sound.  (Oh, that I could EVER observe quietly!)

#2–They are undyingly LOYAL!  They can live for 30 years and will expect to have the same mate or caregiver that entire time!

Big Eyed Owl










#3–They have an extraordinarily flexible neck!  Which can sometimes appear to be backwards or even upside down.  As a Mother I find this fact extremely relatable!

Little Owl










#4—OWLS CAN FOCUS ON OBJECTS NEAR AND FAR AT THE SAME TIME!  This is my favorite thing that Owls can do!   You may ask why?  BECAUSE!  God sees us yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  He is not surprised by anything life throws at us!  And this fact brings me to the last picture and my favorite owls right now.  My PRAYER OWLS!  I love to pray for people and crocheting helps me sit quietly and do so.  To work on wisdom and to pray for all those lovely people I am loyal to.  It helps me be flexible and focus on what God has for me and those I love.  So of course to crochet owls is the perfect solution.  I love to just hold these little two inch owls in my hand, pocket or purse and know that it is constantly reminding me to petition God for whoever they represent.  I also give these owls to people who need encouragement, wisdom, focus, loyalty or prayer.

Prayer Owls


*Many of my owl facts come from the book “The Book of North American OWLS” by Helen Roney Sattler.  I would also like to mention that I can crochet an owl for someone you know who may need prayer.  I would be more than happy to pray over them and then mail the owl to them, letting them know they are being prayed for.   When I was in Israel I saw people handing a “Religious Man” money to have him pray for them.  It made me mad in mere moments.  I would never charge anyone to crochet a prayer owl for them!  I do however appreciate the giving heart many have to support this and also donate toward the ministry I am involved in.  So, with that said.  If you do want to donate to MERGE Ministries you can go to and do so, but it is not a requisite to request prayer!

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