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A Night in the Den of the Lion

Posted by on March 2, 2012

Daniel did everything right.  He followed the correct Christian formula.  I’m sure he was taught the childhood song that went “Read your Bible, pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow grow.”  I imagine their are multiple times in our lives where we get in trouble and haven’t done anything wrong.  It is a learning process.  But those times when you do absolutely EVERYTHING right…in your relationship with Christ, with your family, with your job, with your friends…everything is going just how it should.  You have followed the rules, the formula, the guidelines, and boundaries; what do you do when you find yourself spending the night with Lions.  I don’t think Daniel looked forward to his night in the Den.  I do wonder if moving back a day prior if he would have done it again.  I say YES!  Some of the most miserable times in my life and those around me are often followed by the comment of “I learned so much, I wouldn’t go back in time and change it”.   Here is my point.  Salvation is a walk of sanctification.  We can do everything absolutely perfect and still run into difficulty.  It is what we take out of those difficulties that bring maturity, wisdom, compassion and often times true forgiveness.    We don’t always see the lions den until we have literally fallen into it.  But keep your chin up, focus on the foundational things you know, Jesus Loves You and don’t waiver that faith!

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