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No! STOP! Don’t keep walking!

Posted by on March 2, 2012

In my last post I wrote about a person who is following the perfect Christian formula and falls into the Lions Den.  But my question this morning is…what do you do when you see someone you know heading for that Lions Den without realizing it?  You see the signs; they are on an emotional high, they are hanging out with people who will support those emotions, they slow down communication with those that might point out the sin in their lives… and BAM off they went right over the edge into the Lions Den.  What do you do.  Ok, Pray…yeah we got that.  But what do you do?  STAY!  You have to practice forgiveness and maintain that open communication for when they do climb out of that pit.  It won’t be easy.  Your feelings will be hurt.  But trust me, that night of hanging out with stinky animals, teeth flashing, and cold floors will bring them to a place of appreciation and your friend will have a depth to them they never had before.  They will survive and so will you.

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