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Posted by on January 23, 2012

Every once in awhile I take a moment and think about those times when I have felt God the most or when God has showed me how much He loves me.  In 2006 we moved to Naperville, IL from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  During the summer amongst all the chaos we found out I was pregnant.  We had been in Naperville less than a week when I had a dream that I was miscarrying the baby.  I was around 4 months along and hadn’t felt well for a few months.  4:00 am, that same night, I woke up with severe cramping and knew I needed to get to the hospital.  I woke up Rudel, located the GPS and went to Edwards Hospital.  He had to stay home with the kids, we didn’t know anyone.  I had to use the GPS because I didn’t even know where the closest hospital was.  When I arrived at the hospital they confirmed that I was miscarrying and that baby had been lost.  They released me that afternoon to celebrate my sons birthday and then asked me to come back a few days later for a DNC.  I didn’t know what a DNC was but scheduled it for an evening when my husband would be able to watch the kids and off we went to the hospital.  It was when we got to the hospital and they asked me to take off my jewelry, put an IV in my arm, and put a hair cover on my head that I realized I was actually going to be sedated and taken into the surgery center.  Rudel and I sat in shock holding our two children going…wow, we truly are all alone.  We don’t know anyone and we really don’t want our kids seeing all this.  So he prayed over me and took the kids to the cafeteria.  I had a small iPod with me and turned on Chris Tomlin.  I remember praying, “Lord, if I every needed to feel your love…now would be the time.  You are ALL I have.  I am all alone and just need to feel your presence.  I am scared”.  About that time the anesthesiologist tapped me on the arm and asked if I was ok.  I said “not really, I am trying to listen to some music and relax”.  He asked who I was listening to and then proceeded to let me know that he was a Christian also and that when he saw my file he felt the Lord tell him to pray for me and my family.  He actually called his wife to ask her to pray for me before he even came to my room!   He said the words “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.  I knew that God was with me.  While in the operating room, before I was put to sleep, the anesthesiologist put his earphones near me.  He was listening to Casting Crowns.  I was able to hear worship before I went sleep.  The anesthesiologist stayed with me during the entire procedure and talked with Rudel afterwards to let him know how God had prompted him to stay with me and pray.    I can’t explain how much that mans obedience meant to me during a time of turmoil.  But I can tell you that God listens to prayers.  He knows the cry of our hearts and He loves us anytime, anywhere.  I hope you take a moment every once in a while to touch a stranger!  I hope you take a moment to appreciate the times that a stranger touches YOU with the hand of God!

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