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Locations for Domestic Ministry 2012

Posted by on September 10, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA – the Covenant church there works with African-American children and youth in an arts/music program and in education. They are also building a new dance/music studio.

Mississippi Delta – the Covenant church in Mound Bayou works with African-American rural communities in development and ministry, especially to children and youth. They are also hoping to build a community center in Alligator, MS.

South Texas – one Covenant church is Spanish-speaking and has a great youth ministry. It is a growing church in an all-Hispanic community. There is also another Covenant church that is dying, but is hoping to be revived through outreach. Possible construction on people’s homes.

San Francisco, CA – ministry in partnership with the English-speaking, Korean, Spanish, Asian-American and other Covenant churches in the inner city. Multiple types of ministries available in inner city projects through the city.

Kerman, CA – ministry at the Spanish-speaking Covenant church to the community, which is primarily Mexican-American. Various ministry options, especially with children.

Los Angeles, CA – ministry in partnership with various Covenant churches in the Los Angeles basin, including inner-city Los Angeles and inner-circle suburbs in the LA region. Multiple ministry options available.

Anchorage, AK – ministry in partnership with the Covenant churches on the road system of Alaska to inner-city Anchorage and outlying areas. Ministry to Eskimo people living in the city.

Western Alaska – ministry in partnership with Covenant churches in small hub towns and Eskimo villages throughout the Yukon Delta and Norton Sound area. Ministry options are varied.

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