Water Project Update 2014

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Click on here to read up on the latest progress report for the Water Project.  Thanks to your partnership clean water is becoming a reality for thousands in Gemena!

Planned WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Activities include:

  • Construct three deep water extraction systems by drilling three borehole wells and equipping each with a solar-powered, submersible pump connected to a water tank and a small pipe network to carry water closer to families’ homes
  • Establish a water point management committee for each water system
  • Construct improved sanitation facilities
  • Build hand-washing facilities
  • Provide hygiene and sanitation training

Watch this Video to see how World Vision’s work for clean water in other areas of Africa is making a huge impact!


Check out the Covenant Kids Congo Water Project Report, August 2014!


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This is a brief and encouraging  video.   Our church  has a number of persons who are running a marathon this coming Sunday.  They began training last spring.  They have collected several thousand dollars contributions to date to be given to this wonderful CKC Water Project!
Praise God for the way He speaks to us and He provides water for those in need. Thank You WV for helping to direct ways such as we chose for this to happen and also provide workers to dig the wells and means to retrieve the water  Lynn Gilmore  

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