Reflections from a Missionary in Congo

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Written by David Williams, short-term missionary in DR Congo

David and Debbie Williams, short-term missionaries in DR Congo.

David and Debbie Williams, short-term missionaries in DR Congo.

Some days I close my morning prayers with a request from God to make himself clear to me in the day ahead. It helps me look for him throughout the day. One day after finishing my devotions, I prepared for the days activities. I ran to the internet to shoot off an email and strolled back home. When I returned home on our back porch sat a lady I vaguely remembered. It is not uncommon for people to come early to your house and wait for the right time to talk to you. I greeted her “Mbote! Sango nini?” Which means “hello, what is the news?” She began to tell me that some months ago I had prayed for her so she was coming back to give me a report. Her health had improved and her children were more obedient; she wanted to say “thank you” for praying for her. It was planting season for gardens and she asked that I pray for her garden as well. I gladly invited her to pray with me.

I was moved with emotion for her humble demeanor and candor. I ran inside to give her what amounted to about two dollars. I handed it to her and with surprise she asked, “what is this for I did not come here for money?” I missed it. She came only to say thank you and that was all. I remembered the 10 lepers healed by Jesus only one returned to say thank you. Today, Jesus came back by my house to say thank you and that alone.

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