Pray. Hope. Act

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Written by Reesheda Washington

When faced with a challenge of the heart, one that seems insurmountable, inevitably, I ask myself, “What can I do?” My response to this question has evolved as I have listened to the tales of my Congolese friends told by fellow Covenanters, and has become the maxim for Covenant Kids Congo: Pray.  Hope.  Act. As such, my work over the last few weeks has been shaped by this principal of life for Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision.

I personally Pray daily for the situation in Congo and the people who are affected by it. I have also collaborated with several Covenanters on the development of a Prayer Team specifically developed to pray for the Congolese, Covenant Kids Congo, our partners at World Vision, the staff working so diligently on the ground in Congo, including our missionaries, the leadership in Congo, and the team working on behalf of Covenant Kids Congo in the ECC.

Additionally, in the spirit of Hope, our team has been working collaboratively with the Pastors’ Advisory Team to encourage pastors and their congregations to sign up to host a Hope Sunday at each local church within the ECC, in an effort to inspire Covenanters to sponsor a child through Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision. We hope to spread the word through our local churches about this wonderful movement to affect the life of a child and their community in Equateur Province.

Finally, I Act by donating to the cause of pre-sponsorship and encouraging others to do the same. These resources help us to launch Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision and support spreading the word about the movement.

If you have been wondering what you can do to impact children and community life in Congo, the answer is simple: Pray.  Hope.  Act.

Pray for this movement and how you might be inspired to be a part of this unprecedented partnership.

Hope and share your spirit of hope by urging your congregation to host a Hope Sunday.

Act by donating to the cause of pre-sponsorship and encouraging others to do the same. Visit our website at, or email us at

Make your commitment and begin to marvel and what God is doing in all of our lives, together.

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