Dawali and Dako

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It is with both a sad and a hopeful heart that our team elected to post the below video from Congo.

As you may already know, 13 of the original 12,754 children registered to be sponsored through Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision have already passed away. Our hearts go out to the families of these children and we pray regularly for them, as well as the over 10,000 children still waiting to be sponsored, as well as their families.

In the spirit of honoring the transition of Dawili, one of the thirteen children who passed away before he could experience the blessings of child sponsorship, and in the spirit of honoring Dako, his 5 year old twin sister who is alive and hoping to experience the joys of being sponsored, we now share with you a piece of their story, as their mother gives us the gift of resting in her story, as she mourns the loss of Dawili, her fifth child to die in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

[youtube id=”aIRfp4ffpSU” w=”640″ h=”360″]

Since October 1st, the Covenant has joined together as a denomination and sponsored over 1,500 children, and our team is thankful and grateful for the denomination’s collective generosity across churches. Additionally, we have received a supportive response through special gifts that have allowed us to build a framework that supports the ministry’s forward movement and progress, and we have received those gifts with much gratitude. But as children in Congo know even better than us, the sense of urgency to provide access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene, quality healthcare, and education is great. We still have over 10,000 waiting to be sponsored. It will take all of us continuing to give sacrificially to help these children and their families, and to obliterate extreme poverty in the Equateur Province.

Please watch this video and pray for our family on the other side of the ocean with the understanding that we must be willing to share in the hurt and pain of our brothers and sisters through times like this, as well as the joys and hopes that we will all experience together through our partnership: Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision.

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2 comments “Dawali and Dako”

I just watched the Dawali/Dako video-my heart is breaking. This video reminds us these ARE real children, real moms, real families, that are suffering a loss that we don’t understand. A loss that happens on a frequent basis. It will probably take me a bit to even fully process.

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Those of us who worked with the people of the Ubangi area of Congo know how real and how heart-breaking this kind of situation is. God bless all who find it possible to help with this program.

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