Cornerstone Church Called to Restoration Work in Congo

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Written by Daniel Yoon, pastor of Compassion, Mercy & Justice at Cornerstone Church of Boston

On November 17, 2013, Cornerstone Church of Boston participated in a Hope Sunday. The entire Sunday service was dedicated to the idea of hope in the gospel as the songs of worship, sermon, and prayers spoke to the truth that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.

Church member with child sponsorship packet.

Church member with child sponsorship packet.

The Hope event was sponsored by a small group consisting of six individuals who had gone through an economic discipleship course called Lazarus at the Gate, written by the Boston Faith & Justice Network. Guided by the Lazarus materials, this team spent the previous 6 months leading up to Hope Sunday practicing Christian economic stewardship principles. Starting in the summer of 2013 and coming to a close on Hope Sunday, the Lazarus team was able to raise over $19,000 to donate to Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision. They were also able to sponsor a lunch after service for all the congregation to join in the celebration of the work God is doing in the Congo.

Through this experience, those at Cornerstone Church were able to see that all are able and called to participate in the restoration work that the Lord is doing in the world. One of the pastors at Cornerstone, Danny Yoon, who also led the Lazarus group shared with the church, “We all may have different capacities, but we all share the same call. God wants to use the church to bring hope to a broken world.” The Lazarus group all shared the same sentiment expressed by Pastor Danny when he shared, “At the beginning of our class, if you had asked us to raise $19,000 we all would’ve thought that would be impossible. Yet by the end of it, we all realized how God enables us to do so much more than we would expect. By seeking the Lord, growing in a heart for the needy, and putting to practice God-honoring financial stewardship principles we were able to do far more than we could imagine. We hope this money is used to bring gospel hope to the Congo.”

Members of the Lazarus team.

Members of the Lazarus team.

Beyond the Lazarus course and Hope Sunday, Cornerstone is continuing to dive into what the scriptures teach Christians concerning stewardship. As they journey and grow together as a community of faith, their hope is to live out their vision statement and “transform lives that impact the world.”

If you have would like to share the impact Covenant Kids Congo has had on your church, feel free to email us at

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